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• Deep inside Wundagore Mountain, the Concordance Engine comes to life, and the Defenders’ mission snaps into crystal-clear focus.

• What does this miraculous machine do? What happens if it DOESN’T do its job? And how many more are there around the world?

• The team gains a secret member and discovers a conspiracy ten-thousand years in the making.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Terry Dodson
Cover by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, & Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I think I’ll sit down and read the first three issues this weekend.

  2. Who is the new team member: Ant Man or Nick Fury?

    Small teams are cool. They show restraint on the part of Marvel (or DC) and they allow for more character building/moments.

    Hopefully the team will not go above 7 members.

  3. I haven’t decided to continue this or not. Fraction is one of my fav. writers in the biz, but Marvel as a whole just has been turning me off character wise.

  4. I’m an old school Defenders fan — especially of the Steve Gerber era, but the David Anthony Kraft stories were pretty good too. So far, this isn’t doing much for me. Even the art seems off. I’ll give it until issue 6 to win me over. An appearance by Nighthawk and Hellcat wouldn’t hurt.

  5. Excellent series so far, curious to see where it goes.

  6. Loving this series so far! One of my favorites at the moment.

  7. I hate admitting by issue three that I’m already kind of neutral on the title. The writing is fine, the arts fine, but that’s it. It’s only fine. I am a fan of Doc Strange and Namor in any form…and I’m digging Red Betty, but it’s not exactly exciting, is it?

  8. This is madness… But it’s my kinda madness.

  9. I want to like this sooooo much more than I actually do. I can’t even really pin down my feelings about it.

  10. A lot of mixed reactions to this. I love it. Maybe it helps that I didn’t read Fear Itself so I’m reading Defenders without any baggage. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed a Fraction book since he was doing The Order and Iron Fist years back.

    This is fun, funny, exciting and full of crazy big ideas. My kind of comic. I’m a fan of all of the characters and they’re being written well here. 5 core member seems to be a good number for a team book to give each person a spotlight and establish a team dynamic. Uncanny X-Force also started with and largely stuck with 5.

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