• Simon Williams and his Revengers believe the Avengers’ time is up and they’ve taken the fight right to the Avengers’ front door.

• From the creative team behind SECRET WAR.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Gabriele Dell'Otto
Cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Price: $4.99
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  1. Curious if the whole “Revengers” arc is going to end here. Dell’Otto did the New Avengers Annual where they debuted, so I’m thinking that this is going to the the final part in a 2-part story…which will certainly continue down the road, of course.

  2. I really enjoyed the last appearance of the Revengers so here’s hoping this one is great too

  3. Fool me once Bendis. Not, again!!! The New Avengers annual was the first comic that made me want to rip it to pieces. Made me want to ask for my money back. It was horrible. This will be, too.

  4. I enjoyed the first one. Don’t really see why all the hate has been poured on it. No-one got this pissed off when Geoff Johns did the same irate fanboy thing with Superboy Prime.

    • I don’t think it was the heel turn with Simon that made people not like the New Avengers annual. I think it was that it was an absolutely terrible comic book.

    • This turn was a logical follow up to the first issue of Bendis and Cho’s Mighty Avengers. To be fair to Bendis this was telegraphed a long time ago.

  5. I liked the New Avengers Annual, and have been awaiting this follow-up.

    While I’m not thrilled with Wonder Man’s turn of heart, I can see it within the scope of this story.

  6. Simon’s” turn of heart” makes absolutely no sense — unless he is under the control of another agent. Bendis probably won’t write it that way, but someone else will — -some day. Aside from that, I enjoyed Avengers Annual.

    • If you’ve been reading anything with Wonder Man in it since Civil War it does make sense as Bendis has been slowly building towards this in Mighty Avengers, the original New Avengers, and Avengers. And I think it’s been hinted at that his actions are because of a mental condtion caused by his ionic energy.

    • Why can’t people just change their mind. Why does there always have to be some sort of caveat? In this case, the ionic energy making him crazy. I think the story would be much more interesting if Simon was of sound mind and body.

  7. well it seems after this Simon might not even be real, which is even more intriguing than any of the other theories

  8. What a pointless fucking book. Waste of $4.99. If you were on the fence about buying this then let me help you by telling you to not waste your time. I’ll happily continue my “New vs. Dark” story and forget that this shit ever happened.

  9. I loved this book, and to me it made perfect sense and Simon Williams isn’t exactly wrong in what he says. 4/5 for me, I don’t understand the hate towards this well thought out story.

  10. I liked it, though the art sometimes left me a little cold.

    And how many news conferences is Bendis gong to have the Avengers interfere with this year? 🙂

    • @mg, you’re spot on with the repeated news conference beats – Bendis needs to stop cracking that chestnut already.

      All in all, I thought this issue was entertaining but not worth the bump in price.

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