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• One of the most controversial and spectacular eras of The Avengers comes to a spectacular and controversial extra-sized, All-Star conclusion!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson, Mike Mayhew, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Mike Deodato, Walter Simonson, Scott Hanna, Leinil Francis Yu, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, & Olivier Coipel
Colors by Jason Keith, Laura Martin, & Paul Mounts
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Brandon Peterson

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  1. I wish BMB Avengers had made better use of Wonder Man. Luke Cage never seemed a good fit. I think Defenders would be more his kinda thing. Also, for as much as he has proclaimed to like Spider-Woman, he failed to do anything interesting with her — outside of being replaced by a Skrull. Looking forward to what Hickman bring’s to the table.

    • I agree with the Wonder Man and Spider-Woman. I like Wonder Man and will always love him in an Avengers book. And though I didn’t really know anything about Spider-Woman I felt like after the Skull’s were revealed she was just kind of shoe-horned into the team.

      But I did come to like Luke Cage on the team. I think his character has come a long way from his start and he’s really grown to become one of my favorites.

      I’ve enjoyed Bendis’ run but I am looking forward to Hickman.

    • I dunno, Luke Cage came to define The Avengers under Bendis’ run. I can’t think of a better fit for the team.

    • It’s funny because, 10 years ago, Cage on the team would have seemed a ridiculous mismatch. Just goes to show how effective Bendis’ characterizations can be.

    • Luke Cage was mostly (if not only?) a NEW AVENGERS character, not an AVENGERS one. Bendis really fleshed him out, though, as the conflicted man torn between family responsibility and social responsibility. And Cage also brought some much-needed diversity to the ranks of team leaders. I do think he was played out, unfortunately; Bendis finished doing all he could with him a long time ago, and the character’s just been on “beat repeat” ever since.

      As for this book, AVENGERS… well, I think Bendis overstayed his welcome here too. But at least he wrapped up some things and ended on a good note.

  2. Mark my words…the answer to the mystery closet will be in this issue.

  3. I am way behind on reading these.

    I’m hoping I enjoy the Great Winter/Spring Read-Through.

    People seemed to dig AvX more than FI.

  4. Brian, thanks for all the great Avengers stories!Hickman has some big shoes to fill.

  5. Even though it definitely time for him to move on, I am sad to that there will no longer be an Avengers book. I can honestly say that most of the first volume of New Avengers, his arcs on Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, and his first two arcs on Avengers are some of my favorite recent runs. While I’m looking forward to Hickman and am sure he will knock it out of the park, I can only hope that my enjoyment will be matched by what I read from Bendis.

  6. This arc has been a fun and fantastic old school Avengers adventure. So glad I jumped on for this last hurrah!

    Thanks, Brian! Now go make the world love the X-Men again!

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