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• Hydra makes a play for HAMMER as Norman Osborn tries to take back the Avengers!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Daniel Acuña
Cover by Renato Guedes

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Anyone else think that the story in New Avengers has been better than the one in Avengers?

  2. When is Bendis’ last issue? I’m pretty sure I’m jumping off this and New Avengers when he’s done. The last 6 months have not being doing it for me.

    • I’ll stick with it at least for a story to see how it goes.

    • If you’re not enjoying it now, shouldn’t you drop and then check it out again when Bendis is gone?

    • What he said.

      Currently, I’m only on board for the sweet Acuna artwork. That’s why the last two issues went back on the shelf. And if Deodato wasn’t on New Avenges, wouldn’t be bothering with that title either.

    • I’ve been collecting the Bendis run from his first issue. I’m gonna stick with it out of loyalty to him as a writer. It’s the overly decompressed style for €3.99 that’s really putting me off, especially after the great Ellis run on Secret Avengers where he crammed in more story per issue than Bendus seems to be doing per arc.

  3. I think Bendis has been telling a cool story spanning both titles, unfortunately it is so spread out that it is tough to take in individual comic form. I am thinking more and more Bendis needs to be read in trade. You spend $8 and then see Parts 3b and 3c of a story, it can get a bit frustrating.

    • I think you might have hit the nail in the head here. I felt the weaker stories in the previous volume of New Avengers (pre-Siege) were much better when I re-read them all together.

  4. Man, this cover and the one from the last issue really help me not to drop this.

  5. Agreed that Bendis is often best in trade.

    Also, sometimes you need to be reading both trades practically simultaneously.

  6. The New Avengers and the Secret Avengers I am not reading so I could not tell you. I think this story line has started to get better as of two issues ago and I like the idea. I wanna see what the rest of the world does for it’s heroes?! Cap will not bow to terrorists and I think this will finally be the time he enters the modern era. I think he has still been associated with the past and I think he needs to finally become part of the fight in the modern era with these f#cking terrorist bastards!! Cap starts out with these three groups and shows them the true spirit of the modern peaceful world!


  7. Remender’s Secret Avengers has been such a breath of fresh air. I find myself looking forward more than ever to Bendis finishing his run.

  8. Acuna is actually drawing an issue? Fantastic! I might actually pick this up for the sole purpose of admiring his artwork!

  9. I just read this issue 20 minutes ago, and already I can’t recall what happened in it. Other than seeing the rarely used Storm rendered unconscious yet again…

  10. I thought this issue was fantastic, I don’t understand the hate. The art was great and this was the best issue of the arc so far.

  11. Reading this tonight with my other comics I did not get to yet and I am so hopig this continues on the up swing! The Avengers should be the flagship of the Marvel world!! I know everyone says X-Men however; I do not agree!! The Avengers represent Marvel’s most famous characters and some of the most famous characters in the world overall; Thor, Iron Man, Capt. America and so on…. It sounds like it should be good…


  12. I’ve been a bit bored with Avengers lately, but I must say that I tohught this issue was pretty good. Just big, fun and action-packed.

  13. i’m very much looking forward to avengers being digital.

  14. Well this was not to bad to read, I gave it a 3 and there are some signs of improvement. Osborn has really begun a serious unraveling of The Avengers as we know them right now. I say, good! I am hoping after this Avengers v X-Men battle and the Osborn destruciton of the Avengers we will have a new begining for them again. At least I can hope right? It would be Marvels oportunity to reboot this title again and this time maybe stick with two books for the Avenger; West Coast and The Avengers if they need too…. I myself think it should be The Avengers and thats that.


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