• Part four of the epic “Ends of the Earth”

• Featuring the World’s Greatest Super Hero: Doctor Octopus!

• Guest staring Black Widow and Silver Sable.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Stefano Caselli, Lorenzo De Felici, & Gabriele Dell'otto

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Spidey you are a lucky stud!! What a fantasticly cool cover, Spidey looks like he is the man!! This is a great title and has been like I said really awesome since I picked it up and everyone on here tells me I have been missing this goodness for a long while. I guess since like issue #600 Spidey has been kick’in ass and tak’in names, unfortunatly for me I think I jumped in around just before Spider Island and missed some seriously awesome story lines. I am looking for to Wednesday, come on Spidey; can I be your wing man.


  2. Easily Marvel’s best book dont know why it doesn’t get more pulls

    • This really should be a top ten book. i know its 3.99 but the deal on mail subscriptions make it less than 1.50 an issue.

    • Lots of people here, including myself, don’t really enjoy Slott’s take on Spider-Man. It is what it is.

    • I think Slott has saved ASM. Honestly, that crap before bigtime was terrible. Oh woa is me spidey, my life is so bad was terrible. Its not what i look for in a super hero comic. Not to mention the art looked like it was done by a 5th grader.

      Slott/Ramos/Caselli is the best thing to happen to spidey since the Straczynski run. IMHO ofcourse.

    • I agree with realvenom. I have been loving slott’s run with the exception of having the ASM book be a second FF book and the like. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE CASELLI, but am not really much of a fan of Ramos. Everyone looks like they’re perpetually smelling something terrible and they have chip munk teeth. Anyway, I hope things continue along this path and that they tie caselli to the title exclusively. Wishful thinking, I know.

    • I think a lot of folks don’t like the changes that Slott has made to the series since Big Time. Spidey’s Avenger-hood taking a large role, his job at Horizon, what have you.

      For my money this is the best Spider-Man book I’ve ever read month-to-month. It’s really nice to have some consistent quality on the book after the rotating staff of the previous few years.

    • i’ve found that i’m up and down with Slott’s run on spidey. Some story arc’s i just LOVE, and some i’m kinda Blah about. Took a break for a while, but i’m coming back. Its still a really fun title.

  3. @Conor Kilpatrick – were you being sarcastic? Thats pretty funny if you were and if not I must disagree with you there seems to be lots of people that love this Spidey run and a very few that do not. What is your real dislike here? I for one have been really liking the artwork since jumping on just before Spider-Island and really have not seen anything letting up since then. The story lines have really pulled me back in as a Spiderman fan, since I really have not read anything of his in a long, long time do to all of the past gimmicks, ie clone stuff.
    Spidey is a must read for anyone out there who enjoys a good comic book at that is that.


    • I’m not being sarcastic. Pull numbers are down on the book.

      Lots of people love the current run on the book, sure, but lots of people don’t as well.

    • @Conor Kilpatrick Pull numbers on this site don’t mean anything, Animal man is number one but if you look at the top charts of comics people buy every month it’s not. Also stop being a troll and let people enjoy what they want, I personally love this book and Slott has saved the Spider-man title.

    • @MEXICAN-LANTERN: Pull numbers mean everything when discussing the popularity of the book among the people on this website, which is what we are talking about.

      And I didn’t start the conversation, I responded to someone wondering why the pull numbers weren’t higher.

    • While I wouldn’t want to take away from any one enjoying this Spider–man run, Flash 923 asked what was not to like.

      I find the gimmicks of the new custome silly, Spider-man never needed them before and they feel like Slott trying to expand the toy line.

      Slott depends too much on guest stars. I would like to read about Peter, Flash, MJ, JJJ or the horizon cast, but week after week its a team up with Avengers, FF even Young Allies.

      Slott writes Spidey like it’s a sitcom, everyone is hilarious, which makes Peter less funny. He should be the smart–Alec.

      There is far too much exposition and grandstanding. I consider myself a ‘spider-man guy’ but I struggle with this book.

      Romas however is a bright-star, he is modern master…

      I think thus run has split the opinion 50/50 a lot of people love it, while others don’t.

    • While I’ve liked or even loved most of Slott’s run, I can see why some people don’t like this title. As has been mentioned, he teams up a lot with non-Spiderman-book characters which is a little annoying sometimes and people seem to not like the new costume thing. Slott also has kind an “old school” approach to the way he writes this book, which I very much enjoy, but a lot of readers prefer a more modern approach. And of course, you still have the people who refuse to read this book since OMD/BND. Personally I’m only bothered (occasionally) by all of the team ups. Everything else works for me and I think Slott has been great on this lately, Spider-Island was very enjoyable and so far I’ve really enjoyed Ends of the Earth.

  4. *spoilers* I really wanted Ock to be one the level, and for his end game to be embarrass Spider-man as the weaker mind. Ah well, the end of the earth is fun too

  5. best cliffhanger this week

  6. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Slott’s run but I still think he has some dialogue problems. I’m also largely disappointed in this most recent issue where I liked the story so far. The fight last week against Sandman was really inventive, the Rhino fight this week was dull and the other heroes Spidey recruited felt superfluous. And I largely agree with what Zeppo said. How great would this arc have been if Spidey was wrong? Or if at the very least Ock was at least a three-dimensional villain, he came off as a little cartoonishly maniacal at the end for my taste.
    As for the Slott issue I would like to see him remain on the book because I think he does good work but I think it was a mistake to go away from the Spidey brain trust. I would kill to have Joe Kelly and Mark Waid still writing story arcs.

  7. Humberto Ramos was born to draw this book. Good lord that was some awesome work!

    • Agreed. While I like his artwork from Big-Time more, he’s the main reason I keep buying AS-M and definitely my favorite Spider-Man artist. He makes the comic fun.

    • I must say his style is slowly growing on me. Ask me 10 issues ago and it was a pile of Banta-pooh…

  8. Another really good issue, quite the cliffhanger at the end of this, I honestly don’t know where this story is going to go from here…..

    • As long as they don’t pull a Fear Itself and retcon all the damage and deaths that just happened, I’ll be happy whatever happens. I’ll be even happier if it has some sort of long term effect on the comic, instead of just being forgotten about after this little event is over.

  9. This series feels like a great tv show, each issue has a lot of story and depth, it has a strong supporting cast, and each issue has a great cliffhanger, plus the twice-a-month format is close to a weekly tv format.

  10. Just loving this so much. Slott is doing a great job and I love me some Ramos (Caselli was amazing too in those first 2 issues)

  11. Oh my fucking wow. This issue was just intense. That ending was amazing. I can even look past the few panels where Ramos drew Spidey looking anorexic just because of this story. Doc Ock at the end of this story… he just went from one of my favorite few Spidey villians to tied with Gobby for the most evil bastard to ever be an evil bastard.

  12. I am firmly in the “I love Slott’s Spidey” camp. I love Doc Ock too, so this arc is right up my street, love it. The art has been great too, but more people need to talk about how amazing Gabriele Dell’Otto’s work in amongst this series is. Hoooooooo my gosh.

  13. I am really loving this series. I am not ready to forgive Marvel for One More Day or One Day More or any of that other crap, but I still buy these things because they are good. Now part of the world is catching on fire? Oh my gosh, what is going to happen next? How long do I have to wait for the next issue?

  14. Loving this I’m in the enjoying Slotts run recently camp, I started reading this again since big time and after a 10 year hiatus from comics I feel he does a good job of writing spidey

  15. I really like this title alot and Spidey has made a big come back for me however this issue really for the first time I think was boring until the big ending which I was like Holy Shat Snapples!!


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