• Part One Of “Ends Of The Earth”, The Next Big Spider-Man Event!

• The Doc Ock Story You’ve Waited 50 Years For! Doctor Otto Octavius Holds The Entire Earth Hostage With His Dying Breath. What Price Will Spider-Man Have To Pay To Buy The Whole World One More Day?

• Special Appearance By The Avengers!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Stefano Caselli, Frank Martin, & Gabriele Dell'otto

Price: $3.99
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  1. This might actually be some competition to Scott Snyders Batman.

    • agreed, love this book

    • I know. It’s so tough choosing between Doc Ock going full-blown global megalomaniac and Batman 7 with Bruce bitch-slapping Dick.

      Wait though… Doc’s plan to toast the world the same thing that happened in an episode of Super Friends? Lex tried to destroy the Super Friends by sending a solar beam from the sun and the SF’s put up a barrier which of course led to the flare engulfing the entire planet in sun-fire. Okay… maybe not identical… either way, you know Al Gore is loving it.

    • Al Gore doesn’t joke about climate change.

  2. I find Slott’s work hit or miss, so to combat that I’m only getting every other arc.

    I read the time-travel arc and loved it. I read the previews for the space adventure and it did nothing for me, so I skipped it. I’l give this a try as I know Slott has been building to this since #600, so I’m hoping he brings his A-game.

    I wish Ramos was drawing it though.

    • lol’d @ “so to combat that I’m only getting every other arc”.


    • I gotta do what I gotta do 🙂 I tried dropping Spidey cold turkey but I can’t do it.

      My love of indie books is on the rise, as my Marel love declines, but there’s just one book I can’t stop completely…and Slott has written some of my favourite Spider-man stories, but he has written some clunkers too.

      Glad I got a laugh though 🙂

    • The space adventure was actually pretty fun. Good banter between Spidey and Human Torch. I recommend it. It’s a fun team-up story.

    • Yes. Not the biggest fan of Slotts run so far, but the time travel arc was a lot of fun. A really well done, all-ages Spider-Man story.

  3. Nice this is a caselli issue!

  4. Got the two Space Team-Up issues in the mail in the last week or so.

    They’re sitting in the To-Read pile with Scarlet Spider #3, and about eight issues of Venom.

    Looking forward to EotE and some Caselli!

  5. I would agree that ASM can be hit and miss but when it’s hit I can’t miss. Wow that was lame. Sorry.

  6. I’m telling ya, guys, save yer shekels. Subscribe.

    $1.39 an issue and you don’t have to skip arcs to save money.


  7. Caselli back is great news.

  8. I’ve been looking forward to this, hopefully Slott really delivers here. Having Caselli on art is already a plus!

  9. Here we go, lock your windows and bolt your doors! Spidey is in for a ride of his life I think, and the Doc Ock we have know will be changing forever! Come on Weds.


  10. I feel like Slott has hit his stride. Ever since Spider-Island this shit has been rad.

  11. Saw the preview for #688 coming this summer and it looked pretty awesome. I’m debating whether or not to hop back on board…

  12. Why Does Every Word Of The Solicits Now Begin With Upper Case? Has Someone Been Reading Too Many US Newspaper Headlines?

  13. This looks like it may even be more fun than Spider-Island!

  14. Okay this was really good. Faith has been restored in Slott and this title.

  15. This was a very good start to the arc. I’m glad Slott didn’t reveal everything that’s going on with Ock’s plan, leaves some suspense for upcoming issues. It might have been nice not to involve the Avengers (or at least not right way) and just focus on Spidey but I suppose with something on this grand of a scale it makes sense. Very much looking forward to the next issue!

  16. this is my pic of the week

  17. This had me and it lost me. Ocks plan is interesting enough, and Jonah wanting to shut down the lab was a fun idea, but just as I was getting into Peter had a new idea for the Marvel action figure catalogue, that looks ugly, and then we get guest stars galore. The two things that put me off Slotts run…I’ll try the next arc…have fun, see you then.

    • I was thinking of buying…until I read your review…the cringe inducing attempts at humor is the primary reason I dropped the book several issues back…

  18. I am so glad to be reading Amazing Spider-Man right now, it’s so good.

  19. I am not sure i like the new armor-tech Spidey?! I get the whole premises why he is wearing it and the fact that this is a serious situation, I am just saying I really…well.. don’t like the helmet the rest of the costume is cool. The artwork has been very detailed and this issue keeps that going as well. When you look at the Sinister Six you can feel how bad they are and this is going to be an all out brawl to the end. I must say Spidey going right to the Avengers for help is very realistic; he knows he is in over his head and that really puts it into prospective. Spidey is really kicking some ass right now!!


  20. It’s a shame that someone can’t Doc Ock the planet in reality. It’s time to stop debating climate change and start reversing it.

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