Spider-Man and the Human Torch are trapped on a space station ful of Octo-Zombies plummeting toward the Earth!

The best buds super team-up is running out of air and running out of time!

Story by Dan Slott & Chris Yost
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This is a fun series.

    I’m really enjoying it.

  2. This used to be one of my favorite books (not too long ago, really) but lately it seems like I’ve been burying it further and further in my stack to get to other books first. I hope it turns around, I’ve been reading Spidey non-stop since 1989 and I don’t remember ever being this indifferent towards it.

  3. I felt like the last issue got this book back on track, one of the most enjoyable Spidey issues in a while. Hoping this week’s issue maintains the same level of quality.

  4. The end of the last issue really was a lot of fun, the begining with Jameson was like nails on a chalkboard! I am sick of Jameson and his whinning, Spiderman this, Spiderman that. he is selfish and self absorbed and I guess thats his character and he lives in his own little world. I just do not care for him in any more then a small amount of time and thats where he needs to stay. After he was out of the pic it was another fine issue.


    • So I really am looking forward to see what Johnny and Spidey are gonna do about all of those Octobots and the astronauts that are beinging controlled by them. I don’t see alot of survivors her in this scenerio….


  5. Ends of the earth next issue XD

  6. Is it starting next issue already?? Oh yeah!! Here we go ino some epic Spidey story that will keeps us begging for more. More, please, more.


  7. This was a fun couple of issues, always like it when Spidey and Human Torch team up and Slott writes them together very well. Looking forward to Ends of the Earth!!

  8. Can I just say I love that the Sinister Six has a “secret undersea lair”? ASM couldn’t be more comic booky if it tried, and I love the creative team for it.

  9. Reminds me of the old days when the would be one or two issue stories that were just fun. Like the run when Mcfarlane first started on art. Loved the Johnny and Peter relationship. Art was fantastic too. They seem to be getting this just right, time for people to jump back in i think.

  10. This was just ok to me and it has everything to do with Jameson and his family. I can’t stand them any more; not like I could back in the day either. At this point it should he should move the hate towards someone else for a change, it’s just not fun or sassy or anything; it’s just anoying. Gave it a 3 and could of been higher if it wasn’t for the damn Jamesons.


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