• Spider-Man and Daredevil team up – Part One!

• When Black Cat is arrested, Matt Murdock is the only lawyer who will touch her (her case… we mean).

• The next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe begins!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Emma Rios
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, & Lee Bermejo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Last issue disappointed but this week looks set to get back on track. Daredevil AND Black Cat? Should be a lot of fun, looking forward to this one.

  2. This book seems very unfocused since the end of SI. Just all over the place each issue. Am I the only one that feels like that? Lots of different plots are being set up, be interesting to see if, and hopefully how this all come together.

  3. Yay, an issue of Spider-man I can buy. I’ve decided not to read any more of Slott’s Spider-man, it leaves me fustrated and I don’t need that. His ‘wacky’ approach to plots, and his seeming lack of interest in Spider-man meant I was never enjoying the book. It felt more like Avengers/FF tie-ins most of the time.

    Looking forward to a Waid issue, entertaining, well thought out, and with Rios art to boot, not that there’s anything wrong with Ramos, I think he’s a great modern Spider-man artist, but the stories he draws hold no interest for me.

    Hopefully the next issue of DD will be digital as well so I can read the next chapter.

  4. team up with Daredevil, and Black Cat, AND MARK WAID???

    gotta pick this up

  5. Man, I have a huge pull list this week, not sure if I can get this one, but how can I not with Mark Waid writing?

  6. An issue of Spider-Man without Dan Slott or Humberto Ramos? Thank Christ, my birthday’s come early this year.

  7. Iim predicting this might be my POTW

  8. What an ugly cover … geez

  9. That cover doesn’t fool me one bit. This is just an issue of Daredevil disguised as an Humberto Ramos issue if Spider-Man.

  10. Waid and Rios ? Easiest money I”ve spent in a long time.

  11. Daredevil is doing a crossover with a book I have no plans on reading, perfect jumping off point! *saves $4*

    Sucks, because I really do enjoy DD, but my complete apathy for Spider-man titles and lack of space in my stack means there’s going to be a gap in my collection thanks to this.

    • Okay, I can understand people getting sick of Spider-Man being in EVERY book on the market right now… but that doesn’t mean that ASM isn’t worth reading.

      Myself, I obviously love ASM and the fact that Black Cat is in this AND it’s a crossover with DD (and I absolutely love the new series) really has me excited for this new arc.

    • Or you could just skip the SINGLE issue that crosses over with ASM? Dropping it completely is insane.

      Also, if you really enjoy DD then you’ll probably enjoy this because, y’know, it’s the same writer…

    • Yeah I originally meant to skip everything involved in this cross-over and then jump back on when it was over, but I didn’t realize it was all one writer (and the better of the two choices at that), its just that that cover is just soooo terrible (where the hell is black cat’s nose?) it instantly turned me off. Its come down to a flip through at the store situation now for me.

  12. We finally get an issue thats not done by Humberto Ramos and then they get him to draw the ugliest cover of the week? Not cool.
    I don’t even hate Ramos, I just need a break from him. When Spidey comes out so frequently, it might be nice to have a little diversity so you don’t get bored.

  13. How are they managing the writer break down these days? I just jumped back on to when SI started after a long time off ASM and it seems like they kept Slott on longer than they used to keep one writer on. How is that working these days?

  14. Well this is going to be a gust of fresh air. Not that I’m tired of Dan Slott but, ya know… Mark Waid, woot! 😀

    And yeah, that Ramos cover just kills it… It’s like watching a hot girl’s ass and she has the fugliest face ever the second she turns her head to look at you. Instant cold shower!

  15. I’m very excited for this….really seems like a breath of fresh air…ASM has been getting a touch stale lately, and i hope Waid can bring some of the fun…Spiderman, Black Cat and Daredevil…man what’s not to like about that?

  16. Is Mark Waid the new permanent writer for ASM? If so I might start buying it again.

    • Sadly, no. slot and his ways will return next week

    • uh then i’m going to take a pass. I can’t stand the way slott writes spider-man, I’ve given ASM so many tries since he started and every time I borderline hate it. I guess Avenging and Ultimate Spidey will still have to be my fix until he gets das boot off this title.

    • It does upset me to not get Amazing, it was the book I started on 10 years ago. I am a ‘spider-man guy’ and like you have given Slott chance after chance but since he became the solo writer this book has no consistency. It’s a really shame because he gets teamed up with some great artists.

      If the Scarlett Spider team was on Amazing, I’d be back in a shot

  17. Oh man, Mark Waid and Emma Rios should happen ALL THE TIME!

  18. I’m pretty new to ASM but I’ve kind of liked Slott. What is everyone’s gripe against him? Who would you prefer as permanent writer?

    • That’s great that you’ve been enjoying it. I think a lot of people have, I wish I was one of them, because I don’t like being negative about comics.

      I did like Slotts work as part of the BND team, but since he went solo his writing as changed. They is a lot of exposition in his dialogue, with no subtly. ‘Hi Shocker, these are my new web shooters, they do this and this’, for example.

      I found the relationship between Peter and Carlie very superficial, a lot of characters kept saying they made a great couple, yet whenever we saw them together they were usually fighting.

      What it really comes down to though, I like street level spider-man, and the ongoing soap opera of Peter Parker, where as Slott seems endlessly fascinated with the FF and Avengers, neither of who interest me. He does a lot of big arcs, that involve every character you could think of, and that’s all a distraction from what I like. Slott has done some of my favourite stories, just not lately.

      Marvel please note I got through that without saying the word marriage…almost

    • As for a replacement, I think someone who gets long form story telling, a marvel architect or some indie darling like Nick Spencer or Cullun Bunn. Taking a risk on Snyder and Lemire has paid off at DC, Marvel should try the same.

    • they should get JMS. the sales will go up. it has been proven mathematically (and you cant argue math, i tried, still got an F)

    • I would love to see someone like Brian Wood writing Spider-Man. The guy knows how to write younger adults in their 20’s and he knows New York. Or for more of a science angle, Hickman would be great. Those are who I would like to see.

    • @Zeppo

      I don’t think the FF & Avengers Academy crossovers were author-initiated. Most likely they were corporate / editorial mandated. I’d bet that Amazing is one of the most tightly controlled and interfered with titles at Marvel since Spidey is their flagship character. Like a lot of readers, I don’t like crossovers in general. This one with Daredevil hits my sweet spot though. Great writer extending his current success with Daredevil into another book that he’s written before. Add in great artists and it’s win all around.

      Now, I’m not one of the Slott haters. I liked Spider Island and did not feel obligated to buy any of the associated issues besides the mainline story in Amazing. If you’d listened to Slott’s Word Balloon interview, you’d know that Slott has really longterm plans for Spidey and the current editorial plan is for him to write it at least through the #700 mark if not further.

    • I’ve been mostly enjoying Slott’s run, but I do feel like sometimes the book seems like a chore to get through.

      And for another writer, I actually like to see how Waid does on this issue. Or maybe try somone like Hickman, Brubaker or Warren Ellis to bring a little change to the book.

    • Just to reiterate I’m not a Slott-hater. I like all his Mr. negative stuff, New ways to die, I even like peter Parker: paparazzi.

      From what I understand Slott pitched Spider-man in FF to Hickman, and his previous work was a spidey/human-torch mini. I think he’s happy including the FF in everything.

      I’m just looking forward to a down to earth, street level Spider-man story.

    • Thanks for the reply. Totally agree on your comment about the dialogue. Very expositional and sometimes there are just a lot of damn words in ASM when Slott writes it. Good point, be more subtle and let the art do some of the work.

      I second Brian Wood. If you want character driven, street level stories there are few better than him. Plus I love when indie creators jump onto mainstream books. It always seems to bring a fresh set of ideas to the table. I think Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Fantastic Four, and FF all prove this to be true.

    • I thought Gage wrote a pretty decent Spidey during the Avengers Academy issues.

  19. Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can, add DD and Black Cat too, action is his reward, there goes the Spiderman. Spidey has been rejuvinated for me and I am really having fun reading since the begining of Spider Island and it just keeps on rolling!!


  20. I know Waid has been doing awesome things, but Slott has told some epic Spider Man stories!

  21. This was great and complete reinforces for me what I don’t like about slott’s spiderman. As soon as he returns I’m dropping this like an ugly rock.

  22. Emma Rios is so good!

    And if you liked her work in this issue, check out the recent Cloak and Dagger Spider-Island mini. That was great.

  23. This was terrible. Can’t wait to get Slott/Ramos back.
    Sorry but this issue has been written about 30 times before.

  24. 50 years of Spidey!

  25. I gave this ish a 4, the artwork was strange for me although the story seems to have been told before. I for one liked it and can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue of Daredevil.


  26. i really hate that the story continues in another title. I’m already reading daredevil so its not that bad, but as a practice i hope that tradition would go away. I gave it a solid 3 overall. There was nothing great or bad about the issue for me, but it had its moments.

  27. Waid’s writing was good but I could not get on board with Emma Rios’ artwork. I thought it looked too scratchy and messy, and didn’t look too good altogether. Much prefer Ramos, who can get a bit messy at times with his smaller panel-stuff but overall is a lot more my kinda art.

    • I didn’t care for the art all too much either. In the right context it might be great, but I honestly (and I hate to admit it) missed Ramos.

  28. Spider-Man vs Iceman? Who wins? Click that link and cast your vote!

  29. Not a Spider-man guy but picked this up because Waid and Daredevil are on fire right now. great issue, especially impressed with Emma Rios visuals. I liked the exaggerated figures and heavy weather effects. great read

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