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This is it – the Final Issue of this award-winning series!

Julie and Annie, sharing the same Alloy618-covered body, must fight their way through an army to stop the Phi Super-Collider from making a black hole that will consume Earth. Don’t miss the adrenaline charged conclusion of Terry Moore’s sci-fi thriller!

By Terry Moore

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  1. I’ve loved this series and very much looking forward to Terry Moore’s new stuff.  Easily my favorite indie creator!

  2. Do we know if he’s going to release an omnibus? I saw they’ve solicited a complete tpb collection, but I thought I heard awhile back that he’s planning on doing a limited, signed hardcover collection.

  3. if they destroy the Earth after it was revealed it’s the same one as from Strangers in Paradise Ron may have a heart attack

  4. helluva ride

  5. @wangman31888  Not just Ron!  I don’t think the world will end.  Terry Moore has said he’s working on his own universe. I saw it on one of the iFanboy con coverages.  Perhaps WonderCon?

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