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By Terry Moore

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Price: 3.50

After composing such a wonderful series filled with twists and turns, I found this final issue to be a bit disappointing.  Sure, it’s still filled with Moore’s amazing art, but the writing left me wanting a bit more.  The whole thing felt rushed.  After spending several issues building up to the climax, I was expecting a really action packed issue that gave the cathartic release that I was hoping for.  After a dynamic opening, the story is immediately brought to a halt while Julie spends two pages healing a soldier.  The rest of issue is filled with exposition that doesn’t add much to the overall saga, and it seems like Moore realized that we didn’t have much investment in the villain, which explains why he spends time trying to show how nuts he is.  There’s also a scene in a bathroom with Dillon that is meant for comic relief, but again, it eats up two pages that could have been dedicated to more action and explanation.  The final conclusion moves way to fast, and I’m not quite sure about the science behind the ending.  Basically, it’s a little unclear as to how the people that survive actually survive, and the event that they’re trying to stop still happens without destroying the world.  I don’t want to overly criticize Moore, who is a fantastic creator, but to me, it seems as though he wasn’t quite sure how to execute the ending that he had in mind.  Again, it seems as though he ran out of time, and once he got to the ending, just didn’t quite know how to cap off his science fiction story.  I know this was his first go around in the genre, so maybe it’s just growing pains.  Either way, I was just a bit let down by it.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent

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