FDA (Federal Demon Association) Advisory.  Contents contain: one cult church where incantations are encoded into the playlist; one flesh-dwelling, food-obsessed demon; one seer capable of perceiving the spirit world but blinded to this one; one missing woman; one murder; one angel with an agenda of his own;  and one rendezvous between supernatural investigator Joe Fitzgerald and the woman he loves, now deceased, in what may or may not be heaven.

Warning: do not operate heavy equipment while reading.

Story by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Ben Templesmith

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Apart from JMS putting a bit too much story into the first issue I really enjoyed it. Good concept, interesting lead, and Templesmith killed it on art. With the premise mostly out of the way I hope we get some real good stuff out of this series.

  2. JMS isn’t letting this story breath a little after two issues. He has to constantly explain everything which slows the issue down a bit. Having said that this was still a good issue and there were some great moments here. Seeing the process of Joe meeting his wife in Heaven was really well done and the best written portion of the issue. But it’s hard to really complain about anything when you have such wonderful art by Templesmith. Hopefully we see JMS tone it down just a smidge next month.


  3. I haven’t picked my books up yet. Did this second issue also have the QR code for the voice acted script to listen along while reading like the first issue did? If you haven’t checked that out, I recommend it as I thought the voice acting was really really good.

  4. Loved the second issue….I felt the story progressed at a solid pace, some would say a little too much writing, but I think it was needed to set the plot and understand the premise of the series. Templesmith’s art was wonderful as well!! My POTW!

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