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  1. i’m going to wait for some reviews before i pick this up…  i thought the first 3 issues were fun, but the last one disappointed me… 

    i was already unhappy about the 2 extra pages of adds…  only 20 pages of story in these 🙁


  2. I wonder what the "tragedy" is.  Broken condom? 

    Is that wrong?

  3. Or maybe it’s a tragedy for Wonder Girl, when she finds out how he got the nickname "Speedy"?

  4. This is my favorite DC series right now…I can’t even explain why…

  5. ok i posted a review and someone commented that the adults acting weird was wrapped in issue 3. it seems that i may have missed it but i remember someone else on the podcast saying how the adult story line was just ignored or something?

  6. This needs to become a regular series, because it is one of the best comics DC is putting out right now.


    I never particularly look forward to it, then when I read it it’s just so much fun!

  7. I really like this book, sort of. I love the art and each issue has a neat, unique story to it. Yet, that’s also the reason I don’t like it, there’s no over-arching story to it. Not that it has to have it, but the Year One banner does tend to leave you with certain expectations. That being said, the quality being put into this book is top notch. Def better than the curren Teen Titans book which I punish myself with every month. (Not as dirty as it sounds.)

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