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  1. So is this team going to last, or will it be shuffle time when McKeever is officially gone in two issues?

  2. Damn, Cassie looks like she’s about 25 now. Why introduce teen sidekicks if you’re just going to turn them into adults?

  3. Last issue was one of the best in recent memory, so I’m more excited than usual for this issue. Let’s hope it’s good!

  4. woot. blue beatle? im all over this

  5. In the show they talked about how Justice League should be the flag ship book for DC, but shouldn’t this book be of relevance as well?  I’ve only been reading for about 2-years but never felt compelled to even try this book.  I mean, I’d be willing to if I heard good things about it, but I never do.  

  6. I don’t think the book is bad, it just doesn’t seem to have a purpose. I think it has suffered because it lost a lot of its key well-known characters (Superboy, Impulse, Robin). However, I like the new cast. THe writer (is McKeever leaving? hadnt heard that) can play with them because no ne of them appear in any other books.

  7. @ saturnmda

    Yeah he’s leaving, and apparently there are some heavy editorial edits in this issue as well, meaning last issue may have been his last full one unfortunately.

    I feel the same way, it seems like he never gets to fully tell the story he wants to. Instead he has to shoe-horn in someone elses ideas. It seems like McKeever and McDuffie (OMG it’s a McSpiracy!)  are just scripting while editorial is plotting.


    Don’t bother with this book honestly. Maybe see what the status quo is after the upcoming "Deathtrap" story and see if it peeks your interest. Otherwise I would say pick up Johns run which is trades 1-9 I believe. Now that was some good stuff.

  8. " It seems like McKeever and McDuffie (OMG it’s a McSpiracy!)  are just scripting while editorial is plotting."

    That would explain a lot of shitty comic books if that was true.

  9. Re: Teen Titans relevance/quality – I’ve been reading this volume since issue #01. It started out absolutely fantastic, but the past year or so it’s been really lacking, and the past few months especially so. Shifting around the team, changing into some terrible costumes, having stories that didn’t matter and that no one cared about, etc. However, last issue and this issue were both good. Not amazing and not POTW status, but still, good solid books that I look forward to reading.

    This issue finally set a new team that makes sense and is the right amount of diferent personalities, different popularity levels, etc. I’m excited for the first time in a long time to see what happens in this upcoming arc.

    It’s not the best book on the market, but if you’re interested, there hasn’t been a better time in recent memory to jump onto Teen Titans, in my opinion.

  10. since robin left, the only chance i get back on this book is if they bring back Mia Dearden speedy back on the team.

  11. I will continue to read this book out of loyalty since I have been a Titans fan since the late seventies, but the new line up does nothing for me. The only new character that I find interesting is Kid Eternity….just imagine all the dead characters he could bring back, and I wonder if the Black Lanterns storyline will come into play? I could do without Blue Beetle (Ted Kord is the only true Blue Beetle), Bombshell, Static, and Miss Martian. I think its already time for a new membership drive.

  12. I like Static, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle and AquaGirl  (Eddie and Cassie are cool too). But I only bought Teen Titans #69  and the TEEN TITANS ANNUAL for the "DEATH TRAP" crossover.  I’ve been getting TITANS from the start but will be droping that title after this story is over.

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