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  1. i really really like this book.  But I kind of feel like its all over the place.

  2. Good call.  Since Johns left, the book has no focus.

  3. Titans is all over the place right now. McKeever hasn’t yet really nailed down the characters. The last issue was so off-kilter. Characters seemed to have no realtion to the ones I read for the last 54 issues. And don’t even get me started on the "Titans Tomorrow…Today" arc which barely made sense at all.

    I’m pulling for McKeever to get his legs under him. He may just have been overwhelmed with Titans, Countdown, Birds Of Prey and the change in comic universes. The thing is McKeever himself realized it wasn’t working out and pulled himself off BoP to re-focus on Titans. Hopefully, the guy can bring that teenage magic of Spidey Loves MJ to the Titans. Because I really don’t want to drop my beloved Titans. 

  4. i didn’t think this ish was so bad, actually. never really been a fan of Kid Devil, but i enjoyed how he just couldn’t do anything right..and the shot of Robin in his underwear with the cape and mask on, yelling into the monitor? HILARIOUS. a great little touch that made me laugh.


  5. Looking at the comments, I feel okay about dropping the book with this issue.  I was wondering if it was getting better and it’s not.  I’ve been unhappy with the book since McKeever’s been on it and I don’t have that much money that I can support a book that I’m unhappy with it. Thanks for the comments.

  6. I really don’t like Kid Devil as a character.  So I was enjoying that he messed up, even though I hated having the entire book focused on him.

    I liked McKeever’s work in Marvel but he seems to have thrown the Titans into emotional overdrive.  These last two issues have not been spectacular. 

  7. My issue had a different cover which so spoiled the bad guy ‘reveal’, not that you couldn’t see it coming anyway. Didio is taking up editing this book now…hmmmmm, wonder how that is going to go!? 


  8. I thought this book was ok.  I’m like some in that KD isn’t my favorite member on the team, but I enjoyed the issue.

    And as far as the book being too emotional or too wrapped up in the team member relationships… It’s Teen Titans.  I think that’s what its supposed to be about.  Granted, I’m not AS into this as I was when Johns was scripting, but I’m not dropping it.

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