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TEAM 7 #1

• Learn how the secret wars of the New 52 were fought by TEAM 7!

• Early adventures of Deathstroke, Black Canary, Grifter, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor and others!

• This issue: Battlefield Gamorra!

Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Jesús Merino
Cover by Doug Mahnke
Variant Cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I love this artist. It almost seems like a war comic with familiar characters. Not a huge fan of those, but we’ll see how this goes!

  2. I really enjoyed the # 0 issue. Looking forward to this.

    • I bought it and wanted to like it, but I thought it was so plain and straightforward and borrrrrring. I wanted it to be like GI Joe with DC/Wildstorm characters, but instead it made me put Justin Jordan on my comic writers to avoid list. Oh well.

    • I bought it and wanted to disllike it so that I could save myself another monthly title, but damn if it wasn’t pretty good and got me excited to see where this thing goes.

      And I love Jesus Merino’s art. It’s amazing how different Pacheco’s art looks now, as opposed to when Merino used to ink it. I think I can definitely say I was a fan of Merino’s inks more than Pacheco’s art.

    • I bought and wanted to like #0 but I didn’t. Like BCDX97, I found it very boring. It literally put me to sleep (no kidding). I don’t find Amanda Waller to be a compelling character AT ALL in this scenario. Cramming other DC characters like Black Canary and Steve Trevor into this team just makes no sense to me. I know we’ll never get the original Team 7 from the Wildstorm days, but #0 was one of the worst comics I’ve read this year.

  3. Out of all the Third Wave books, this was the one I was looking forward to the most and the one I enjoyed the most. Conceptually, it is right in my wheelhouse since I love stories involving “ordinary” humans dealing with extraordinary situations, whether metahumans or otherwise. I thought as introductory issues go, the zero issue was excellent and it was my “Pick of the Week” on iFanboy; I liked it that much.

    Having read comics and DC comics for over 40 years, I am very well versed in the DC characters making up the team but was unfamiliar with the Wildstorm contingent along with the new characters (obviously). They did a great job filling me in on their basics, enough that I am interested in learning how they’ll fit on the team. After one issue, Dinah Drake (Black Canary) and Bronson (the rock-climbing guy) are my favorite.

    I agree with those saying this title reminds them of what Blackhawks might have been if given the time and also with those saying Team 7’s execution out of the gate is superior. Honestly, I would love to see a Team 7 book and Blackhawks’ book exist side by side on DC’s publishing schedule. I was happy to see a Blackhawk story in DCP #0 so maybe DC isn’t done with the team yet?

  4. I actually liked this, Big guns and even bigger tech combined with a black ops unit on the verge of breaking down? Perfect match.

  5. An art assist on the first issue?

    Not the most auspicious of starts…

  6. So far I’m way more interested in learning more about the purpose for this team, and its role in the larger DCU than I am in the members themselves.

    The villain(s) for this arc should be fun though. I’ll be back for the next issue at least.

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