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• A new series spinning out of “Night of the Owls”!

• After many years on the run, Calvin Rose returns to Gotham City to investigate the fallout from “Night of the Owls”!

• Can the Court of Owls finally be defeated? Could Calvin have the one thing he’s been seeking his entire life: his freedom?

Written by Scott Snyder & James T Tynion IV
Art by Guillem March
Cover by Guillem March
Variant Cover by Trevor McCarthy & Guillem March

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. The zero issue was so damn good it was my POTW. Can’t wait to see how Tynion and March do with this ‘first’ issue.

  2. I really liked March’s art on Catwoman, but I got tired of that story. Maybe this will be the comic I can keep buying and enjoying. I’ve liked Snyder & Tynion’s stories together so far.

  3. I loved issue #0 too. This series is going to be a hit I think. Pretty much everything Snyder does is a hit.

  4. This is going to be cool.. The 0 issue was really intresting… with plenty of clever moments.

  5. How can I be so addicted to this comic so early in?

  6. It’s pretty bad when DC doesn’t care enough to leave the banner ad off of an issue #1.

    • In 20 years, when we’ll check out this issue in bargain bins, we’ll be nostalgic (or not) about there being a new DC-based show about Green Arrow. ;P

  7. I’m going to buy the next issue, but I feel a bit let down. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the 0 issue.

  8. Decent issue. One thing I noticed about the art was that March looks fairly different here than on the Catwoman issues I read. I detect more than a whiff of Joe Kubert’s rough and curvy lines in the action and the faces. That’s a good thing I think since it would be a sort of homage linking this new bird based hero with one that Joe was famous for drawing: Hawkman.

  9. This is a good first issue, I kinda liked the suit he was wearing at the start of the comic more than his Court of Owls suit.

    As usual, March’s art is great here. I’m in for #2

  10. For a first issue this was pretty good, as usual Snyder & Tynion do a great job on introducing the characters and the plot line, some good action along with that, and Guillem March does a fine work on the art.

    4/5 for me.

    #2 is a definite pick up!

  11. Great first issue. I kind of like that Calvin has a Alfred type person to help him out.

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