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T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS, VOL. 2 #1 (OF 6)

One of the most critically acclaimed series of the past year returns with a new #1 issue that serves as a great jumping-on point for new readers!

What kind of people willingly become Super Heroes, knowing that their powers will eventually kill them? That’s the question this new 6-part miniseries will explore as the team must face off against the Warlord and his Subterraneans!

Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Ultimate X-Men) teams with rising star Wes Craig for a twisted= tale of super heroics, espionage, and action!


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  1. Gotta get my DC fix somehow this week.

  2. I enjoyed this so much and I’m glad to see it didn’t get cut. Nick Spencer is so good and the charecters are very interesting. And Totally! Where’s my “Animal Man” and “Action Comics”?!

  3. It’s back!

    Although, they should have gone without the “Volume 2” in the title, methinks

  4. I missed the last two or three issues of vol. 1 so hopefully they don’t pull too much from those issues, story wise. Really looking forward to this though.

  5. It just makes me an even more bitter person thinking that if they had just waited till September to launch THUNDER Agents originally, it’d be selling like hotcakes with everything else…oh well. I’ll take six issue wrap-up over nothing.

    • I’m not sure if Spencer would be able to keep an open-ended run on this title given his exclusive contract with Marvel. I remember that they gave him an exception at the time for this book, but perhaps that was simply to wrap up the storylines already in play?

      I’m tempted to pick this up as I like Spencer’s work, but never got around to sampling the first series. It’ll be a gut desicion at the store . . .

    • @coscmo – Does Spencer have any books at Marvel that have not been canceled? DC will get him and he’ll kick ass there.

    • @AmirCat: Ultimate Comics X-Men.

  6. Nick Spencer is right behind Scott Snyder for me, in terms of storytelling as a writer in this new wave of comics. Morning Glories is fantastic and Iron Man 2.0 has a very unique threat for Rhodes to handle. It deserved more readers at least until the Fear Itself Tie-ins, which wasted my time. His work on this deserves the critical acclaim people throughout the industry are giving it. I expect plenty more A material from him in the future. If only Suicide Squad or Heroes for Hire could’ve been this good at the conceptual level. He’s no John Ostrander but he’s close!

  7. I keep forgetting to grab this so it will have to wait till this Wednesday although; I was wondering is it worth the trouble?? It seems to be kinda mixed on the reviews? Was there anything really cool or really bad in here??


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