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THE SWORD’s highly anticipated finale arrives as Dara Brighton’s epic quest for revenge against the three god-siblings who murdered her family comes to its conclusion.

art & cover JONATHAN LUNA

Price: $4.99
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  1. Ah cant wait for this, i did not think they could top girls….they did!

  2. I’ve not read Girls, but I did pick up the $1 reprint.  I could get back into that.  I’ve loved the Sword.  

  3. @misterckent GIRLS is an awesome series, well worth checking out.

  4. I’m going to buy this but five dollars for 32 pages is a dick move. I love this series and can’t wait for this issue, any other series I would probably say fuck it. 

  5. Fuck yes! This is definitely the first comic I read this week!

    @misterckent: I haven’t read Girls either but picked up the $1 reprint as well.  I may go back and buy some trades.

  6. wow I can’t believe it’s over! Been a hellauva ride.

  7. Going to wait for the last trade and then sweep through this series.  I have absolutely no idea what it’s about, just heard a lot of hype. Going in 100% blind could be fun.

  8. @slock You’re going to need to change your pants a few times while reading then.  Pretty fucking cool series.  Out of all 3, I think this ones the best.

  9. @slock and @vadamow I bet this would make a kickass omnibus.

  10. Indeed it would.

  11. i loved this ending much more than The Girls. great series overall


  12. Wow. That ending really kinda bummed me out. But upon reflection, the dinner scene was really poignant. It acts as both flashback and reunion. And I love the use of white.

  13. Really sad ending, but I guess that was the best way to end it.

  14. I loved this.  It was appropriate and doesn’t try to set up another spin off…

    I also liked the surprise and how it worked out.  Just amazing work.  HUGE fan of these guys now. 

  15. Beautiful.  Absolutely Beautiful.

  16. Is this a good jumping on point?


    Sorry couldn’t resist

  17. Great conclusion to a fantastic series. I want the next Luna Bros. project now.

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