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“The new ‘must read’ book.” – Geoff Johns

“Dark, moving and intriguing.” – Frank Quitely

Surprises abound in this conclusion to the first arc of the red-hot Vertigo series that’s so compelling you’re not going to want to wait for the trade. On the dangerous road to a rumored safe haven, Gus and Jeppard come to a raw moment of truth.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art and Cover by Jeff Lemire

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. So THIS is the one where the thing that was supposed to happen in number 3, then number 4, happens?

  2. @Slockhart-There is no one "thing" that is supposed to happen. It’s the overall package of issue 3 that DC stated would blow people away.

  3. Yeah, it wasn’t a specific "event", but rather an issue overall that is supposed to blow people away.

    For the record, I think it was last issue. Absolutely amazing, and has kept this on my pull list for the forseeable future. 

  4. Well the last issue was pretty damn good. Still waaay to quick of a read but I hope that the last issue means this is gonna pick up some steam. Cause I want to believe in this title as a monthly and not as trade waiting.

  5. Hmmm, in that case I have yet t have a "blow away" issue.  I think I’ve given them all 4/5s


    I’m with you in that I really want this to be a monthly read, but it’s just getting harder to justify that every month.  I think this may be my last before I go to trade.  And I don’t like to read trades until the story is over, so basically it’s this one needs to really do it for me, or it’ll be about 5 years before I get to read #6. 

  6. This series has been fantastic and I’m super excited for this issue after the events of #4.

  7. I just bought and read the Essex County Trilogy and absolutely loved it. I feel like it made me appreciate this book even more, making me even more excited for this issue.

  8. @ruo lol I just finished Essex as well. Really blew me away. I can’t wait to read this issue having read Essex.

  9. a solid book so far but i’m gonna switch to trades

  10. It has been a long, cold December waiting for the next issue of Sweet Tooth. I am loving this series. Issue 4 was very strong, and a great character moment for Jepperd. You could feel his emotioins as he walked away – stopped – left Gus and went back to the fight. Awesome.

  11. Loved this issue. It was my POTW again.

    I think the pacing works for me now, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because when Lemire focuses on the more emotional moments of the book, it just plain good. The stuff with the dream or Gus crying out to Jepperd, it was so depressing but written so well. Plus I think the coloring has definitely stayed at a consistant quality for two issues now. Maybe this can work in color if Villaburra can stay at this quality.


  12. My POTW too. I loved this and it was really heartbreaking once you realize what was going to happen.

  13. Just a (what i thought was funny) anecdote.  Immediately after the trade wait vs. issue debate on ifanboy with regard to Sweet Tooth #4, Vertigo adopted the slogan, "the series so good you won’t want to wait for the trade" as its new advertising hook for Lemire’s title.

    Okay so maybe you had to be there.

  14. Wow not done my stack yet but def potw material! I love the second to last page where the panels switch back and forth between jepperds and sweet tooth’s eyes. Great comics!

  15. I almost cried… awesome…

  16. The end of this issue was a bit predictable when you think about it. I kinda saw it coming once the end of the second issue ended.

    But Lemire was able to make me not think about the predictablity by making these two characters play off each other so well. Even though it’s only been 5 issues, Gus and Jepperd has gone threw a lot already. Both sorta think that they are a father and son combination, which really works well in a story like this. Lemire is slowly becoming a master at ‘hiding the faults’ with brilliant storytelling. Wish more writers could do what he is doing with Sweet Tooth right now.

  17. A fantastic read, but I still really feel like something’s missing for me. I can’t place it either. While I rated this a 4. my feelings are closer to a 4.5. I liked the predictable ending because we’re left to assume Jepered isn’t a heartless ass after doing everything to save Sweet Tooth. But then you’re gutted when you realize WHY he did it. Amazing stuff. But the mix just feels a little off. I do thinking the coloring fit the art better this issue. I like this series, and can’t wait to see what happens next, but it didn’t quite hit me like it has others.

  18. What a mind-fuck.  It wasn’t even a surprise or anything, just well done.  I’m glad I read this in issues because the story was amplified by stetching out over time.  I’m definitely going to read more, but these 5 issues are a complete story.

  19. The two page spread of Gus passing out and the panels falling away was a pretty cool effect! 

    The ending felt predictable to me and after being drawn out for five issues a bit flat and anti-climatic…However, I want to know what was in the duffle Jepperd received – money seems too obvious.  Overall though, probably my least favorite issue so far.   

  20. So I like how before I finished my stack, I wrote a review gushing about how great this was, then ended up giving my POTW to Red Robin.  Silly me.

  21. @TheTaken – Loved those pages as well.  Great issue; I hate what Jepperd did, but I have a feeling he will redeem himself.

  22. I’m not sure reading a book that is this depressing every month is a good idea, but I will continue to do so.

  23. You’re good…but slow…wonderfully slow.

  24. Wow, by far the best issue of the series, and a heck of a way to kick off the new year. In my opinion, there’s no way that this wasnt the ‘walk on broken glass’ issue. So good, and so heartbreaking. I also enjoyed the small preview at the end, reminds me of television series. Incredible stuff. 5/5.

  25. Lemire just keeps getting better and better.

    @TheTaken : I think Lemire has more 2 page splash effects in his arsenal. This one was awesome. Last issue was, too.

  26. I didn’t think they’d do it. I suspected, but I never thought it’d happen. I am loving this series. Trade? No thanks

  27. I’m awfully curious on how good the first trade wil be. Trades or Issues, this book is awesome.

    Pick this up in whatever form.

    @Kwisdumb "Next season on Sweet Tooth."

  28. I wouldn’t say the ending was predictable. I mean, we kinda knew it was either going to go one of 2 ways – that Jepperd was telling the truth or he wasn’t. It was interesting that Jepperd clearly felt sadness at handing Gus over so he’s not just some evil guy. I reckon we’ll be seeing more of him. 

    The dream sequence was heart-breaking. "you were the accident". Poor Gus 🙁 

    I still don’t think the pacing in this is slow at all. At least not in a way to complain about. I think these 5 issues did a good job of giving us a clear idea of what the world outside the preserve is like as well as the insight into how naive and innocent Gus is. It also did well to create a relationship between Gus and the reader (as well as between Gus and Jepperd). Without that, I wouldn’t really have cared enough to be sad about the ending of this issue.

    I’m dying to know what Jepperd’s "payment" was, what the guys at the "preserve" are actually doing, and what the deal is with these other kids. Why is it impossible for Gus to be 9 years old? What was the significance of the dream sequence? What was the accident?

    Gah, love this!  

  29. @deadspace I am really hung on that nine years old thing it intrigues me. Jeeps bringing me back to issue 1 when we see a sign by gus’s house that we see Gus and his dad were living on a preserve already.

  30. Just read #1-5 a few days ago. This shit is great.

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