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Vertigo’s weird and wonderful antlered-epic reaches issue #25 as new revelations about Walter Fish and Project Evergreen push Jepperd over the edge. When his violent actions finally ostracize him from the rest of the group, he’s forced to leave The Dam. But Jepperd won’t go quietly – and he won’t go without Gus.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

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  1. Can Anyone tell me if this issue is the start of a new arc on this book? OR the end of one? I just starting reading this series and read the first arc and about to read the second and third in trade probably Thanks

    • This is as good a place to start as anywhere with major reveals and Jepperd leaving the current setting of the book I guess. I think this is just setting-up for the next arc though.

    • What I would do is get it and wait to read it. Get the second and third trades and go back and get the last 4 (or so) issues and catch up that way. That’s what I did after I waited for the first trade.

    • It’s the end of the 4th arc. But to truely grasp all that’s happening…you need to have read the previous 24 issues. Is the 50 issue cap for certain? Has anyone seen it announced?

  2. That’s a pretty sick cover by Lemire.

  3. This is also the halfway point of the series. It was going to be shorter, but now it’s 50.

  4. It’s sure to be in the shadow of all the new #1s but this was a wonderful end to volume 4! Can’t wait for Matt Kindt as guest artist on the next issue.

  5. Shame we couldn’t ‘rub the blood’ with this issue.

    Solid issue all around even though the watercolor segments don’t have a huge impact like they did last issue.


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