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• Swamp Thing learns the truth of how the Earth fell to the Rot as seen in this month’s issues of ANIMAL MAN and FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E.

• Guest-starring Poison Ivy, Deadman and The Parliament of Trees!

Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Yanick Paquette
Cover by Yanick Paquette

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. It will be Interesting to see how stand alone this series will be during rotworld. Since Snyder said he isn’t into doing events we’re its compulsory to buy other books during the event. Am not bothered either way frank and animal man are still on my pull list since #1’s. Just fancied getting on my anonymous Internet high horse.

  2. Dropped this with #12. Might come back to it if something actually starts happening.

    • I think enough has happened, it might have been better if more happened (or if Moore happened xD) but we have been given a lot of character building…

  3. Rotworld has been going on way too long. The first arc was great, but everything feels drawn out now — probably to fill another collection.

  4. I was slow to fall in love with this book but I’m all in now. Loved Ivy and Deadman. (Quick question: Can people see Deadman now?) I hope Ivy and Swamp Thing team up again (do I hear wedding bells?). I will say Im enjoying this way more then its sister book Animal Man.

    • Also, is it Alec Holland or Swamp Thing? The character seems muddled inbetween the two.

    • Alec Holland is sometimes called a ‘swamp thing’ or ‘swamp guy’ or ‘swamp’ whatever. He is basically an earth elemental to protect the green. Swamp Thing is just an arbitrary name for him and title for the book. Abby and most everyone that knew Swamp Thing was Alec Holland, or that it had the conscience of Alec Holland, would call him Alec. After Alan Moore took over in issue 20 of vol. 2, Swamp Thing found out he wasn’t really Alec Holland and that he was just a creature made of swamp with the thoughts and memories of the former Alec Holland. It then took offense to people calling him Alec but always allowed Abby to call him, it was a habit for her and the swamp guy was too much in love to get mad at her.

      But it is a great question because that was the beauty of the character especially back during that epic 2nd volume, it was the balance he tried to find between the humanity he thought he once had and the creature he discovered he was. Swamp Thing became dangerous after he discovered he was no longer a man but pure green. He lost that restraint to take over everything. He grew more and more powerful and more dangerous (Mark Millar run) and almost took over the world for the ‘Green’. That is why in this run the parliament tells how it is important that man be the avatar because their restraint helps keep the balance. The Green and the Parliament of Trees are some greedy motherfuckers and they can’t help it.

      I ramble, sorry. I also don’t do it justice. It is some heavy shit though… love and own every issue of Swamp Thing.

  5. This was really cool. Paquette may have outdone himself this issue, he has been great in previous issues, but this was amazing. I loved the Rot/zombie Teen Titans, and that two page spread at the staples! I could stare at it all day! I’m not tiring of the storyline at all, I just wish the next issue came out tomorrow instead of next month.

  6. A solid start on the green side of things to Rotworld, but hopefully it picks up further steam.

  7. Yeah, now it’s kicking off. I’m glad we’re in the event now, but I do feel like it could’ve gotten here a bit sooner. I’d been restless and feeling like maybe I should’ve stopped buying since not much was happening, just a lot of back and forth.

    Anyone who likes their superheroes on the gory side a la Blackest Night should be checking this out.

  8. I love both Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Great characters driven by great writers and artist! Can’t wait to see were this is going!

  9. I loved the hell out of this issue! Swamp Thing always seems to shine that much brighter with guest stars, and this was no exception. Deadman, Poison Ivy, and even a monsterfied version of the Teen Titans! I like the fact that although Swampy doesn’t feel like he’s been gone very long the truth is it’s been a year and the Earth and all of its heroes have been defeated by the Rot. It will be interesting to see how all of this will be reversed, including the death of Abby. This is epic stuff and the art was amazing! So far this week I’ve read Daredevil End of Days 1 and Legends of the Dark Knight 1. This one tops them both. It will be my pick of the week unless my unread issue of Detective 13 surprises me.

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