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• The deadly return of ANTON ARCANE!

• This is the beginning of a new chapter in the SWAMP THING saga and a perfect time to start reading!

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Cover by Yanick Paquette

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Francavilla!!! (!!!!).

  2. Just finished reading an old Firestorm story called Elemental War that involved Firestorm learning from a John Constantine knock off that he was the avatar of fire and then teaming up with Swamp Thing in a battle against the avatars of air (Red Tornado) and water (some chick, I forget).

    Wonder if that well get referenced at some point during this crossover.

    Probably not.

    • Her name was Naiad, i loved that story as a lad. though i think Snyder’s Swamp Thing story is much more influenced by a ST story involving an alien fungus called The Grey. would actually have come out around the same time as those Firestorm issues.

    • The Elemental Wars….I own all 4 of them. Great reference, very cool art in that book too by Mandrake.

  3. Hopefully with Francavilla on board for just this issue I can finally give this POTW honors. I want to love this series but the art and, sometimes, wonky pacing of the story is really hampering it for me.

  4. Yeah, I want to like this but the pacing is so slow (and the writing is so wordy; not a good combination).

    And I wish Snyder would stop reinventing concepts that Moore perfected. I just want to tell him, “Scott, we like you and want you to do your own thing without trying quite so hard to fit into the overall continuity/canon.”

    Still, I’m committed to buying this in trade. It is a very well-produced series. It just seems a bit “off” or something. Like if it was just tweeked on some creative level, just a little, then everything would snap into place and I could love it.

    • I’m with you on the pacing. I dropped Swamp Thing after 5 issues, but am going to give it another go with this one – Francavilla doing the art sells this issue for me, hopefully the story sells me on the series again.

  5. I am here for one last issue for Swampy to hang around on my pull list.


    • haven’t you been sayin’ that for the last couple of months?

    • Yeah, I keep hanging on and on and on and I need to either shit or get off the pot with this title. I like the character so much and I liked some things about this title and then there are other times I feel bored with it when I read it and that it really seems like there is not whole lot to offer from this in the future?! I am so confussed!!


    • I’m kinda of the same mind. When I saw this Francavilla stand-alone issue, I thought, wow, if I’m gonna make a break with it, this issue is the perfect send off. (And the OCD in me noted it’s an even number, so it’ll fit perfectly in my two-issues-to-a-comic-bag-n-board-system.)

    • Swamp Thing is one of those books where I’m going to pick it up no matter what…. I’m a ‘Swamp Thing Guy’ as Conner and Ron would say. But the quality of this books seems to be tumbling. It started out ok, but now it has slowed down a lot. I think he chewed up 2 1/2 issues with a ‘fight’. Just boring ‘super hero comic’ junk. I was hoping this would be filled with mindbending concepts and intriguing character development like the Swamp Things of yesteryear. Continuity problems too now? Abby didn’t kill her mom…Anton convinced people she was a witch and had her burned at the stake. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS SNYDER!!!! If American Vampire and Batman are taking too much of him then maybe they should hand this over to somebody else?????

  6. You know I really enjoy this book but it would be fantastic if it took me longer than 2 mins to read the entire issue.
    Just seems to me anyways a lot of the 2.99 new 52 books don’t have a lot of actual writing in them. (Swampy, aquaman, catwoman, supergirl, etc etc) all take me roughly 2 mins to read.

  7. Avatar photo MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

    I didn’t realize that Francavilla was joining Snyder on this! THAT’S FRICKING AMAZING!
    Back to the ‘Detective Comics’ super team!

    Love what Snyder has been doing with this series, didn’t read much Swamp Thing in the past so I’m not too familiar with Arcane, but I’m loving me some NEW 52 Swamp Thing for sure.

    and SCOTT SNYDER is da’ Bes’

  8. Some people saying it’s too wordy, others saying it took ’em two minutes? This is my favorite book right now, and while I’m a big Francavilla fan, I don’t see him doing this book the same justice that Paquette did. Different strokes…

  9. Checked out the preview online of this issue and loved Francavilla’s work here. But then, I pretty much love his work on anything he does.

  10. One of my favourite books and Snyder is my fav writer at the moment. Can’t wait for this issue.

  11. I stand corrected! Francavilla killed it here! Looking forward to where this is all heading.

  12. Francavilla saved this one for me a bit. Luckily I slowed down a bit for the art, because there wasn’t much to the story, and that little preview at the end psyched me out thinking there was still a good chunk left.

  13. That was one scary good book.

  14. book was amazing. The artwork is just fucking amazing. Amazing. Can I say amazing enough?!?

  15. Well I liked this issue and gave it a 3 only because it really only takes like 2 minutes or less to read!! No, just kidding, I don’t base a issue on how long it takes to read, rather the quality of the story and the artwork. Artwork was ok, nothing spectacular and the story in this issue was fine especially the creepy ending!! This is a good title and just seems to hang on and on for me and I really can only say it is because I do like Swampy and Abigail as characters and well it’s hard to tell them good bye.


    • You need to slow down and take your time. I read this in maybe 15min? It’s not that I’m a slow reader but I like to actually admire the art and the page layouts. You aren’t doing that if you read this cover to cover in three min.

    • ‘zactly. I know on a heavy release day I find myself zipping through books, and I have to remind myself to slow down and let the books breathe on their own. You’ll be glad you did, and I guarantee you everything you read will be better for it.

    • I flipped through this and it looked really sparse. The art was good but I need story. I thought Scott Snyder was a great writer? What’s up with this?

      So sadly I am done with this book. But I guess I may have to pick it up when it crosses over with Animal Man (which I love).

    • Give him a break guys, he’s the Flash (Earth 923). Two minutes is like an eternity. (Then again, I’m not the Flash, & it took me about 5.)

    • I agree

      Found this book to be very light on content – the art was great though.

      I may be out after the Animal Man crossover unfortunately. I’ll continue to get my Snyder fix in Batman and American Vampire though

  16. Can anyone explain the implications of the “after Wrightson with love and admiration” mark on the cover? Did Paquette reference or base this off of a previous Swamp Thing cover?

  17. There is a subtle side to this issue that I feel might be getting overlooked. The art and the story really compliment each other. Despite the “lack” of dialogue or the “quick” read, I think if you really take a look at this issue there are some great moments that add to our understanding of the situation an characters that are unfolding. The flower coming up through the car’s grill as Abigail is losing hope, the beautiful sequence as Swampy returns to the marsh to rest, i thought were really good, rich moments. All these subtle elements are really striking and bravo to Francavilla. I thought this issue was really amazing in how the layouts and art added new dimensions without using much text. Oh, and lest we forget Snyder is SCRIPTING all this, not just writing words and text boxes.

    • Great points, I think a lot of the little things that are done so well get lost in shuffle sometimes.

      Some stories require or lend themselves to contemplation of the character’s motives behind their actions. Take Arcane’s narration for example, when he describes Abby killing her own mother, he does it with a sense of pride; as if he’s talking about her doing well on a test or something. Human life means nothing to him, to me that is very unsettling, and it shows the reader just how fucking psychotic he really is. This issue was one of those stories where the more I thought about it, the creepier it became. There is a quote from Alfred Hitchcock that states “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” I think that’s applicable to this issue, everything from the colors, to the freaky old house, to Arcane’s words carry a sense of dread; it creates anticipation and I think that is why some people breezed right through it.

  18. The layout of time in this encourages a second read. I had no issues with the length. Sure, you can argue that not much happens, but that’s the case for 90% of comic books today.

  19. OK…Maybe I have to go back and reread this one but do any of my fellow Swamp Thing Guys question the continuity in Abby’s history with the death of her mother? I probably should just not worry about it and move on but nobody else seems to be talking about it so I wonder if I misunderstood it.

    They talk about Abby killing her mother by using the power of the rot. But Abby’s mother was burned by the townspeople after Anton framed her for witchcraft. If they are going to change things up at least offer an explanation so things fit. I understand this is a new universe and maybe continuity changes are acceptable but I heard Snyder say that all past continuity of Swamp Thing remained the same.

    Sorry to ramble…but anybody have any insight or clarification?

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