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What goes down when the capes come off? Meet the “Real Housewives” of Earth’s greatest super-team, the Meta Legion! It’s the egos, the tantrums, and the betrayals of the super set. Find out what happens behind the masks as superhero families are faced with the sordid problems of everyday life – and then some!

From rising star writer Grace Randolph (Marvel’s NATION X, HER-OES) and hot new artist Russell Dauterman, this series takes the familiar super-team and turns it on its head with a scandalous, TMZ-fueled look at what it’s like to live with a superhero!

Story by Grace Randolph
Art by Russell Dauterman

Price: $3.99
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  1. A mash up of “Real Housewives” and super heroes = awesome! I think this is gonna be a whole lot of fun

  2. should be interesting, I’m giving it a go.

  3. Pretty fluffy and ridiculous, and an obvious swipe at the soon-to-be-defunct Desperate Housewives and GCB television series. But as fluffy, ridiculous and obvious goes, this first issue was a whole lot of indulgent, guilty pleasure fun. This comic is as camp as a weekend at Jellystone Park, but I kinda feel like I want to support a title that goes against the grain of the grim’n’gritty boys club, serving a sordid soap opera with masks and capes. So maybe on one hand, this may be one of the more banal and superficial comics you may read, but on the other hand, I kinda see it as a superhero comic for the rest of us.

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