“Mystery in Space” Part 2! As the murder mystery on New Krypton deepens, Superman and Adam Strange’s investigation leads them to uncover a conspiracy involving all five Kryptonian guilds that threatens to devastate the entire planet. This chain of events will touch everyone – Alura, Zod, even General Lane – and will lead directly into next month’s explosive finale!

Written by Greg Rucka and James Robinson
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Gary Frank
Variant Cover by Victor Ibanez

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  1. This series is dragging — as is the entire World of New Krypton storyline. So ready to move on, but I’m in this far, so I’ll get the last two issues. Not planning on the getting the next mini though.

  2. I don’t even care anymore…  This book makes me want to not read Supergirl just so I don’t have to deal with all the stuff coming up in the Spring.

  3. That cover looks like an 80’s action movie. I can just hear Supes saying to Strange "I’m getting to old for this shit." and Adam would reply with "Yippie Ki Yi Ya Motherfucker!"

  4. How the hell is a story about an entire world FULL of Kryptonians so damn tame?  This SHOULD be the most exciting damn book on the planet.

  5. It seems like a wasted opportunity.  It’s disappointing.  I have enjoyed the artwork very much, though.

  6. @Stuclach: good point. it’s kind of like the cold war. everyone could destroy the planet but so everyone is terrified of doing anything…. or something

  7. Right now I’m just waiting for this to end and hoping the ending will redeem the last 3 issues. I’ll reasses my interest in the next mini then, but as of right now I don’t plan on buying it.

  8. @Edward

    Great analogy.  The only problem is that I don’t feel any tension whatsoever between Earth and New Krypton.  What little tension I’ve seen has only been from Earth’s stand point.  It’s like in high school when you hate that one kid, but they have no idea who you are.

  9. @Slockhart: I actually meant  each kryptoian could destroy their own planet so everything has to be solved with diplomacy. that’s why the book isn’t an all action punch-em-up style thing

  10. I think I’ve pin-pointed the biggest flaw in this maxi.  I’m about three pages in and have no idea what’s going on because they expect us to remember who Tam-Or and Kam-Par and Dar-Go and Buk-Po and Fer-Pa and Poop-Chute are.  Way too many characters, not enough establishment of them.

  11. I’m glad this is ending next month, but I can’t wait till they all go to war soon…

  12. Blimey… that was unfortunate. I can sum up the dialogue of this issue. Random Kryptonian: "WHAT!? You don’t know what that is, you’re in charge of the military." Kal-El: "Well… uhhh… hrmmm… uhh… No." Adam Strange slaps his face mask in disappoint, thinking one should never meet one’s heroes. 

  13. I totally agree that this series (and, increasingly, the art) has been a snooze, BUT Adam Strange was amazing in this issue.  His whole "I’m stuck on a planet populated by idiots" vibe was classic.

  14. The last three or four pages were pretty decent, it’s a shame the rest of the comic up until that point was people standing around talking, passing on the same information over & over & over & over & over  to different people.

    It’s weird that when this series started I thought it was really good, it’s gone down hill do fast & now I’m glad it’s nearly done.

  15. oops *so fast

  16. I think Ron put it eloquently when discussing Mayhem in the Year End all Round Up and I would just like to quote him because it parallels how I feel about Superman-WorldofWhoCaresAnymore: "It was a comic."

    Hey, we can’t all be Scott Mc Cloud and Love EVERY comic. God Bless that man.

  17. When and if this gets collected, it will seem very incoherent.

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