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  1. I believe in Rucka and Robinson so I think this will end up being a great arc. It started it out amazing and kind of slowed down recently.

  2. This book started off making me think that maybe Superman’s not so boring after all.  After about issue 6, it has been confirmed that yes, yes he is extremely boring.  Had I known this book would’ve became this boring I would never have jumped on in the first place.

  3. @SlockSlhart

     totally agree the last few have being really boring

  4. come on, it’s been pretty good. At least it’s not just another mindless Superman book. There’s some thought behind this

  5. So Adam Strange is the guest of the week.  Maybe he’ll bring some excitement with him.

  6. I have to agree that this has really taken a step backwards with the enjoyment factor. I think if it had been 6 issues it would have been awesome but i know robinson and rucka, I’m sure they have an awesome end in store

  7. It looks like Kal-El and Adam Strange are going on a date in that cover. Really let down by the most recent issues, I hope this comes around. 

  8. I really believe that this was engineered to be 6 issues, and the decision makers demanded more. 

    If that is not the case, then the creative team should be reprimanded for using the same plot of introduce alien race, have small disagreement that leads to fisticuffs, Kal comes in and explains the situation and everybody goes home UNTIL the last page where a new alien is introduced who may or may not have a superficial problem with the Kryptonians.

    It is like reading a 1980’s team up comic every month.

  9. @stuclach-oh, nice one!

    I had fun with the last issue, even though it had flaws.  Let’s see where it goes in these last 3 issues. 

  10. This series has been solid throughout. I’ve been loving every issue.

  11. What Conor said. 

  12. @Paul- et too, Montgomery? 😉

  13. I thought the Thanagar and Saturn stuff fizzled out a little too quickly. Still an enjoyable book, but I’d say it was at its peak about 3-4 issues back. Hoping the Adam Strange arc can re-focus it a bit.

  14. I haven’t read this so maybe I am being naive. But….

    Is this like a talk show or something? The last four or five issues have been like "Come see the next Cosmic guest star!". Am I going to be seeing the GLC Corps or REBELS for the next issue? I thought there was a story in this and not just random stories.

  15. There’s an over-arching story, but they’re using these smaller arcs with guest stars to tell the larger story.

    I totally get what they’re doing, but I think the plotting of the past few issues hasn’t been up to par — and that may have added to that "guests coming and going" feel.

  16. @daccampo-I agree with your assessment as it would apply to the first several issues, but they have essentially been ‘freak of the week’ issues since the Patriot storyline.

    The stories do fit the theme of ‘how will this new race fit in the galaxy’ but I need more connection to the present action and overall theme.

    I really feel as if I could have read the last few issues in any order and gotten the same feel from them, and without any sort of progression, they just seem empty.

  17. Well this is an outsider just observing what he’s seen for ten months. I do look forward of this in trade, whenever DC decides to release it. Because it is a Superman book with Superman in it! Crazy I know!

  18. @TNC I keep seeing that complaint but isn’t it odd that Superman and Action Comics have almost 2x as many pulls on this site as they did when Kal-El was in those books? I hate comic book Superman. Yet I’m reading 4 Superman titles! (Six if you count Adventure Comics and Power Girl) What’s going on here? (Also, there was almost a year without Superman in Action Comics in the 80s. Sadly the only story of note to come out of that year was the 36 Green Lantern stories with Lord Malvolio.)  

  19. @Prax-Isn’t just using this site a small sample size though?  I do not know what the sales figures are (or if anyone should put any stock in them), but wouldn’t those be a much more fair representation than a site that gives serious love to the writers of both books.

    To be clear, if the ifan-offices love the creators, they should pump them up as much as they want.  They have every right to cheer on a book they like.

  20. @MisterJ A small sample size, yes (and my point is not meant to be extended further than this site and my personal interest) But one of the few where actual interest in a book can be gauged – somewhat – consistently month-to-month. Most stores order books in consistent blocks with minor variation month-to-month. This makes sales figures hard to read because they don’t count how many books are sold on the retail level, nor how many retail issues are returned, etc. However, DC has reported that all four books are selling around the same volume month-to-month and that each individual title is selling more than it had been right before the WoNK status quo with the exception of the Brainiac arc in Action Comics.

    To be clear, I’m not making a broad argument. Around this site I see users making the chiding remark that "Superman’s not in the Superbooks" ergo its not worth getting them. And for this polity, whether they’re enjoying the overall quality of the books or not, more people are reading the Superman family than before with Kal-El in a "side-book." It’s an interesting point of study.

  21. Just for kicks (Sorry you called upon my OCD need for empirical data): Superman #673 had 63 pulls on the site. Superman #676 had 186. Superman#680 (The last issue of James Robinson’s Atlas story w/ the Krypto cover) had 380 pulls. #681 (New Krypton) had 564 pulls. The most recent issue , #694, has 370 pulls. A drop, sure. But it’s doing about what it did during the Robinson arc that lead into New Krypton. 

    Even with Johns writing the Legion arc, Action Comics was only pulled by 243 people on the site. Action comics now has just shy of 400 pulls. It’s very interesting being able to see the pulls by issue and associated storyline for comparison. 

  22. I just want Geoff Johns and Gary Frank to do Action Comics again. What they were doing on that title was nothing short of brilliance. It was a day where I can fully say that I was a Superman fan. Now with all of these New Krypton stuff happening, I have very little interest to follow.

    It’s sad that an origin story has more interest with me then the present day. Like I care more about reading his origin for the billionth time then see what is actually going on. Then again Johns/Frank is on that title so it’s obvious why I am loving it so much.

  23. I will stick around for the last 3 issues, but I don’t feel this is living up to the potential it exhibited in the first few issues.

    @MisterJ & @PraxJarvin – Data is a beautiful thing, but it is also dangerous (as you probably know).  In order to compare those pulls over time we really need to know what has happened to the size of the iFanbase over the same time period.  For example, if Superman’s pulls increase from 63 to 564 (a 795% increase), but the iFanbase increased by 800% percent, then the percentage of the iFanbase pulling the book hasn’t really changed.  On the other hand, if the iFanbase grew by a more modest amount (which I think is true), say a 400% increase, then we can say Superman (the book) is gaining some popularity.

    I don’t suppose Conor (the stats guy [according to the last podcast]) would be willing to share the number of members (or specifically the number who actually pull books) the site has (and has had over the last few years). 

  24. I’ve been sticking with this series for a while, but one thing that’s still making me wonder, is what’s happening in New Krypton supposed to be after Blackest Night, or before it?

  25. @indiophil My gut was to say before, but that no longer seems to be the case. Red Robin #6 is stated as taking place after Blackest Night (How this is actually possible is unclear based upon where Tim is as at the beginning of the mini and at the end of Red Robin #5). As well, Connor kent makes reference to a "chilling event" that he "would rather not talk about" while talking to Mon-El in Superman #693 (from last week.) I would argue for Kal-El Blackest Night takes place toward the end of WoNK.

  26. @stuclach Oh indeed the data isn’t 100% and there’s some data missing, but as I said I’m making an unscientific analysis, for argument’s sake than for proving a point. By the same token of the site growing, why would an increase in the site’s populace be accurately reflected in the pulls of one or two titles? 😉 Stats are fun things to play with. 

  27. @PraxJarvin – I don’t know that one or two titles would accurately represent the site’s populace (though if everything else were held constant/controlled for some titles could get us close), but to accurately evaluate changes in pull levels (to equate them to general popularity) we would need to take the size of the sample into consideration.  I would love to play with iFanboy’s data.  Specifically, I would like to see how big a bump creators have.  Controlling for everything else, what effect did Mr. Robinson and Mr. Bagley have on JLA pulls?

    I have been able to mess around with Georgia’s individual level student data (High School) and it has been remarkably fun.  I have a couple of AP access and effectiveness papers in the works that I have actually enjoyed working on.  I also utilize the Add Health data ( and it is incredibly thorough.

    Have you had to gather your own data (did you construct an instrument) or are you using secondary data?  In econ we primarily use secondary data. 

  28. Statistics can be used to prove anything.  90% of all Americans know that. 😉

    @Prax-Sorry to kick up your OCD.  I get your point, though.  And for the record, I am not one of displeased masses concerning Supes.  I tried them at first, they didn’t take.  But I am certainly not bemoaning the fact that I am not buying another book.  

  29. @stu Oh very true. I would love to know, too, especially with my areas of interest. As for data gathering, in general I’ve used secondary data more, but I should be gathering my own. But for anthro, the data is more qualitative than quantitative,. As well, the field is less "bigger picture" based and more focused on "inside this set of parameters what happened?" so the types of data I’m looking at tend to be smaller and less accurate (In anthro there is no easy answer to "How many people live in this house.") and can only be used within the confines of where the data was gathered.

  30. @stuclach: I actually haven’t been keeping track of those numbers. I mean, I know how may people sre currently registered, but I couldn’t tell you what te numbers were at any given time. I do agree with you that it’s hard to compare the popularity of a books via pulls from one year tothe next because as more people register here, pull numbers in general have gone up across the board.

  31. I’m sorry I have pulled the thread so off topic. Please forgive me. 

    @PraxJarvin – When I was on the job market I interviewed with NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education and one of the first questions they asked me after I finished my big research presentation was "How would you approach this research topic from a qualitative angle?"  I was flummoxed.  Economists seldom do qualitative research, so I had no real answer.  The Steinhardt School is made up of people from a number of fields (including Sociology), so I should have been prepared for that question, but I wasn’t.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the offer.

    Now that I am more familiar with how (and why) qualitative work is done, I could actually answer the question.  If I’d known then what I know now, I could be living in Manhattan.

    I’d love to read your work. 

  32. @conor – Thank you for taking the time to check on that for us.  Is there any way to create a percentage of the iFanbase that pulled the book, like you do with the pick of the week?  If that isn’t possible for the past could we see that going forward?  I would find that rather informative.

    P.S. – I am very happy the site has been growing so much.  You guys have one of the absolute best sites on the web (not just in the comics field).  Keep up the good work.

  33. @stuc I agree.  I no longer listen to the podcast, but I still get my nerd fix week in and week out with talking to all of you.  For the most part, this is one of the best managed sites I’ve seen.

  34. I want and don’t want Superman to leave Krypton all at the same time

  35. NERDS!

  36. @edward – Absolutely (speaking only for myself).

  37. oh my good the Variant cover for this is awsome

  38. @oldmanlogan88: Now that’s a cover!

    See if the cover was like that, people wouldn’t be thinking that this is just a series of random guest stars and that there is a story in this.

  39. Adam Strange popping up makes this a trat for me but I still cant get into the concept of this book. This far in though I will buy the last 2.

  40. If you’ve ever wanted to read a straight up procedural detective story starring Superman read this

  41. Oh boy… that… that was unfortunate. The premise of this issue was so thin. The execution so lacking. My biggest problem with the issue is that it’s based on the concept that no one, not a single person out of 10,000 has any skills as a criminal investigator. We have lawyers, laborers, scientists… but no cops? This just… defies logic. As well, Alura Zor-El doesn’t know what a clue is? She’s a scientist! She’s not a country yokel!? So if you can past the tepid "No one on this planet can run a murder investigation/solve a crime, including Superman himself who needs to be reminded how to solve a crime by Adam Strange who is probably the hero least likely to have crime-solving abilities" plot, there’s the Adam Strange/Kal-El friendship. At one point they’re bosom buddies who freely reference other hero’s secret identities. The next, Kal-El conveniently forgets Rann has been destroyed? Are you kidding me here?! This is supposed to be Superman. Not bumbling idiot who needs others to do the work for him. It was just a frustrating, frustrating read with so many flaws. 2/5 for me. 

  42. Kinda spoiler, I guess…

    Did anyone find the reveal at the end about it being an assassination, not a murder, to be extremely forced?  I’ve been thinking assassination since the end of the last issue…  The entire issue was screaming "assassination."  It’s like if Star Wars ended with Leia handing Han and Luke their medals and saying "Don’t you see? You’re not part of the Empire!"

  43. Well it sounds like this series has dropped the ball.

    Gald I’m waiting for the trade. lol

  44. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Zod is behind the assassination.

  45. Horrible.  Just horrible.

  46. If this is the first ‘mystery’ on New Krypton, then what the hell has the Science Guild been doing?  Isn’t that the entire point of science, to discover and track the new and unknown and solve what are considered to be ‘mysteries’???  I didn’t think that this could get worse than the ‘freak of the week’ formula, and I see I was sadly mistaken.

  47. Remember the show "Unsolved Mysteries"? Robert Stack was the shit.

  48. it wan’t that bad. In fact, it been interesting to read a superman story where Superman just doesn’t punch things. the whole series has been an interesting take on the character in that sense.

    Do you really wnat to see another typical superman story set in metropolis when superman fights a big robot? No! than enjoy the actual character of Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-el because it’s the first time he has ever actually been written well

  49. @edward-No, I don’t especially care to see Superman fight, that is actually what bores me about him.  What I want is what was happening in the first 6 issues of this series.  An exploration of a new world and culture.  How will a bottled civilization deal with 1) having a whole world and 2) being granted god-like power?  Those are the questions I was hoping would be addressed through the whole series.  Maybe this issue is the beginning of the return to that.

    But I don’t want a procedural (this issue and the next), nor do I want ‘freak of the week’ (the thanagarian and jupiter issues).

  50. @Edward My issue is not with the direction of the book. As a matter of fact, I’m very vocal about my dislike of comic book Superman being an uninteresting superhero. However, Kal-El makes for an interesting character in this situation. The issue for me was bad writing. There are just huge logic holes in this issue, in what could have been a fun story – First Murder on a new world. It was badly handled. Adam Strange is so vanilla in this issue that he easily could have been any DC Superhero. And the biggest issue is that with the two writers involved there’s no excuse for the mistakes and missteps. I really, really enjoyed the first six issues of WoNK. They were tight, well plotted and well written (I gave 3 of the 6, 5/5). After 6, for me, the book took a sharp left turn into something different than those first issues. The book seems directionless. 

  51. @edward: Wow, you and I are apparently on the same wavelength. I made the same big robot punching analogy on tomorrow’s episode.

  52. Obviously none of us are looking for just Superman punching a robot. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have stuck around for 10 issues of this series. Listen to Prax, its just bad writing.

  53. @conor, edward, et al.: Interesting. I’ll be curious to see what you guys say about it. Though, yeah, Superman punching a robot is exactly why I hate Superman in the comics. The idea that this would be a less-Super take on Kal-El and more about him experiencing a new world is what drew me to the book. If anything 7-10 have been a return to the formulaic, uninteresting Superman ("Look, he’s better than the other Kryptonians! See, he’s still SUPER!") and not the more interesting, more fun Kal-El. (Indeed, I’ve been trying to stay consistent in how I refer to him in reviewing/commenting on the book.). But I just see the interaction between Kal-El and Adam Strange as coming off as wrong. (Would Bruce really share his identity with Adam Strange?) 

  54. prax. nail. head.

  55. @prax: re-read the first six issues. there is not a great difference in quality but the whole new kyrpton thing was new and exciting back then

  56. i just reread all 10 and there is a noticeable drop in quality actually.

  57. well, fine. i just re-read all ten and it’s exactly like i said. they couldn’t continue with the introduction to new krypton story for ten issues because that would be boring so they had to do something differient. The problem is the "event" of new krypton. it went nowhere. this title has always been quality though 

  58. This was a very strange issue.  I notice a few of you have pointed out how ridiculous it is that no one on New Krypton has ever had to investigate a murder.  I agree.  That is preposterous.  

    Why was Adam Strange in this issue?  He was absolutely superfluous.  Guest star of the week.  I felt like I was reading Scooby-Doo meets Batman.

  59. Adam Strange was the story. how could he be superfluous?

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