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  1. Pretty cover

  2. Yeah, for a second I thought this was going to be a Johns/Frank production. 🙁

  3. yeah me too, is Johns doing anything with this, if not i don’t think i wanna read it

  4. aren’t rucka and robbinson writing this or do they start next issue?

  5. Yeah, the solicit is wrong.  Its Robinson and Rucka.  I trust Robinson, and have heard great great things about Rucka’s work.  So I’m hopeful for this book.  Though I wish it wasn’t Pete Woods doing the art.  I wasn’t terribly sold on his work during New Krypton. 

  6. i totally thought johns was doing this. either way im still intrested but i miss Gary Frank artwork so much!!

  7. Johns is doing a superman book with Gary Frank called "secret history" or something like that

  8. Johns is doing the Superman origins books this year. 

  9. I can’t wait to read this! 

  10. I’m hoping to add this comic book to my collection due that I enjoy collecting DC Comics especially Superman  Batman and Flash Comics.

  11. If Gary Frank was doing the interior I’d be in.

  12. I’ll be checking this out mainly for Rucka. I’d prefer if Robinson wasn’t involved & they had an artist who wasn’t as average as Pete Woods is (IMO), but hopefully this is a decent story & lifts the Superman books out of the swamp of averageness they have been sinking into lately.

  13. Checked out the preview for this, Pete Woods’ art looks really solid. 

    And its "Secret Origins" Johns and Frank be doing.  Though off the top of my head I can’t recall when that starts

  14. God, that Ladronn varient cover is amazing!  i would love to see that guy on interiors of a superman book

  15. i’ll give the first issue a shot but if it doesn’t wow me i’ll just wait for the trade


  16. Im really looking forward to this. but, i find it hard to believe that superman would just get up and leave lois.

  17. @WinTheWonderboy – I thought the same thing. Also, he’s leaving his mum, right after his dad died …

  18. I thought the last issue of Superman did a good job making me believe his reason for leaving.  It worked for me; and I told James Robinson that last weekend 🙂  It wasn’t an easy decision for him to make, but he believed he had to

  19. I’m on board because the idea is new to me, take Superman off earth for a year, but that also feels so out of character for earths mightiest protector, it limits my enjoyment of the whole thing.

  20. A bit paint-by-numbers this issue, with a few good moments, and an unnecessary fight scene. Not sure I can put up with a year of this. 

  21. I enjoyed it enough to give it another month or two.  On paper the ideas seem really great, but something about the execution just doesn’t feel as strong as it should. 

  22. This story really started off great!  I started reading superman since the brainiac thing started, but stopped after the new krypton thing ended (so I didn’t pick up the last few).  But I am really interested with this story.  The thing I hope they explore is him having an all of a sudden sense of loneliness.  It’s sort of like when I went to boot camp (Air Force) and you go all pumped up ready to get to business, and then all of a sudden you start to have second thoughts, and feelings of extreme loneliness and abandonment. I’m not sure if the story will go there, but I think it would be an interesting take. 

  23. I could have sworn I checked to see who was writing this on Monday and it was some writer I didn’t know.

    Cuz it is Rucka, I’m going to pick this up next week.

  24. This was really good. I take back what I said about Pete Woods art looking average, it was nice in this. Maybe because he inked his own pencils, or a different colourist? Whatever the difference is, his pencils look way better than they have recently.

    One thing I didn’t buy at first was Alura believing Superman would abandon Earth so easily, but I guess she doesn’t really know him. Also she could be playing him, knowing he’s "undercover".

    This is a good start to a story with a lot of great ideas being laid out … just like issue one of New Krypton did. I hope this series does a better job of following through!

  25. this was reall really good. it’s actually interesting

  26. @wadewilson   who who who, ok i didn’t read the issue of superman that came before this, i just jumped from new krypton to supergirl to this. What do you mean superman is undercover?

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