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  1. This is good stuff.  Is it just me or does Lois look similar to the Lois from All Star Supes?

  2. Wasn’t too impressed with last issue, so hopefully this will be better.

  3. It’s been a great mini so far. Possibly the best Superman Origin I have read. I hope DC sticks to this for longer then a couple years though.

  4. @TNC – I  think they will stick to this for a while.

  5. I love this. Everything that makes Geoff Johns the best can be found in these pages.

  6. Super-excited for this. 

  7. That’s my favorite cover for the series so far.

    Really been enjoying this.

  8. I’ve read the first two as soon as I got them home, the 3rd has me just as ready to read.

  9. @stuclach

    Hey stuclach that’s what I though too! Y’know I always felt that the All-STar Lois kinda sorta looked like she was drawn to evoke Kristin Kreuk’s Lana Lang; I could be totally off on that (I’m a huge Kristin Kreuk fan so it would make sense for me to read into it like that) and it may just be the straightened hair but I got the same sorta vibe from this fantastic cover.

     So in short, yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw the this cover! 😀 

  10. Yeah the cover definitelt envokes a little Frank Quitely doesnt it?

  11. I’m scratching my head at these Frank Quitely comparisons. Not that I don’t think Frank and Quitely are both good artists (they certainly are) I just don’t see the comparison. Interesting what we all see in and take away from art. I have to say, Jimmy Olsen’s gotta creepy face on in that shot.

    @shonen, stuc I’m not sure Quitely was basing his looks for any of the All-Star Superman characters off of existing character models be it live action or from the page. While All-Star Supes is meant to evoke Silver Age Kurt Swan Superman, he’s also supposed to evoke this iconic Superman image that Morrison met in person one night after a convention. (The multi-part Newsarama exit interview with Morrison is a must read for that series. They should collect that in any future editions, I know they won’t, but I can dream.) Quitely’s women tend to look a little Asian/Pacific Islander though. 

  12. @PraxJavin

    Yeah you know what man now that I think about it, that observation you made, about how Quitely’s women could tend to look Asian/Pacific Islander at times is probably what led me to (combined with my love of Kristin Kreuk) make that connection. Thanks for the article recommendation, I think I missed that one when it was published!

    I think one thing Mr. Quitely and Mr. Frank definitely share, though, is their ability to render Superman’s world FANTASTICALLY well; seriously, after Curt Swan, their’s are the interpretations which my brain immediately goes to when I think Superman in comics 

  13. I like how sheepish Perry White looks in the background.

    "Well no one is paying attention to me…..Guess I’ll smoke"

  14. I don’t mean to imply that Frank’s style is even remotely similar to Quitely’s.  I simply think the Lois on that cover looks similar (physically) to the one Quitely drew in All Star Supes.  She looks slightly darker than normal with an ethnic twist.  She doesn’t look like the all american brunette anymore (or at least the idealized version of an all american brunette).

    That may be due to the fact that Quitely tends to draw women to look a bit Asian, as you said. 

  15. yep, i don’t see the frank/quitely connection.

    I think the only connection is that both artist’s version lois has dark dark hair.

  16. sorry, both artists’ version of lois have dark dark hair

  17. Very nice.  I like how Mr. Johns is changing little pieces of the origin (thus improving it, in my opinion) without changing any of the key components.  He is working his magic.

  18. Fan-Fucking-tastic this issue was. POTW for me no question.

    I loved everything about this issue and Johns is certainly working his magic here. Frank is killing it on this book and that page of Clark opening his shirt to reveal the outfit…..God damn that gave me goosebumps.

    Amazing issue.

  19. @TNC – That page had me tearing up.  I flashed back to the first time I watched Superman: The Motion Picture with my dad.  Unbelievable.

  20. Phenomenal. It’s such a relief to have a bit of settled down Johns, where the story’s driven more by dialogue than action, and not hampered down quite so much by continuity and exposition. It’s simple, flowing, natural. 

    Not to fuel the fire but I see the Quitely similarities, and I like it! However, has there ever been an artist who delivered more on cheeks than Frank? Sometimes I’m thinking he goes overboard (last ish’ much more than this). That little peeve aside, the art’s been wonderful: well paneled/ structured and dancing a fine line with his detail, but certainly not crossing it.


    Lois Lane has THE best legs in all of comic-dom.  

  21. @FACE – Good call on Ms. Lane’s legs. Damn fine.

  22. @stuclach: You know I normally dont think of the Superman theme from the movie when reading comics. But once I saw that page and the rest of the sequence…..I couldn’t get it out of my head. Amazing issue all around.

  23. This was a great comic adaption of some scenes from the original Superman movie … but, where’s the “secret” part? Just seems like a (really well done) 400th retelling of Superman’s origin.
    The art is off the scale, though. If Frank doesn’t do the best facial expressions in all of comics, I’d like to know who does.

  24. Wow, if you didn’t think Geoff Johns loved the original Superman movie before, you should after reading this.

  25. @WadeWilson: The “Secret” designation isn’t literal. That’s how DC has branded their origin stories for decades.

  26. Absolutely loved this.  Though Blackest Night was good I kept coming back to the scenes of the reserved Clark interacting with Lois for the first time.  POTW for me.

  27. Loved it, but it seems like we missed a step. Last issue high school clark caught a falling space ship, now a grown-up clark is at the DP. What happened with that space ship?!

     A small nickpick because the issue itself was solid.

  28. I’m enjoying this series more than I thought I could possibly enjoy another Superman Origin story. On the other hand, what is with the way Gary Frank draws people smiling nowadays? They look like they’re criminally insane with those grins. Other than that, perfect issue. Personally, I loved Byrne’s Man of Steel, but this is just as great for the new generation.

  29. Anyone get the V.cover?  It was soo nice but I had to go with the original, I love the way the covers set the tone for each chapter.  The V/cover was so nice though, it just was too different from the rest to go together.  


    P.O.T.W. for me for sure, so far 1. 2. and now 3. have been my pick of the week, I wonder if any book could beat it in the weeks to come.

  30. Great issue of a great series. I love this… except for the fact that it is clearly just an updating of Superman the movie… and that’s great and fantastic…. but a little annoying. It doesn’t feel quite as fresh, despite the snappy dialogue and outstanding art. The film(s really) stands up on its own, it doesn’t need "in continuity" status to help that. Still, 5/5 for me.

    @Zeppo That was Krypto in that. Consider this the Superman origin highlights reel.

  31. Unbelievable! First 2 issues were good but this one killed it. I actually flashed back to being a kid and seeing Superman 1/2 for the first time. Magical. Def POTW.

  32. Best issue in a loooonnnggg time.  Had to go watch the Christopher Reeve movies after this.  Could hear the music in my head.  Just sooooo good. 

  33. POW.  Probably the best single supes story I’ve read since coming back to comics 3 years ago

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