The new Superman crossover event “Brainiac and The Legion of Super-Heroes” begins here, in this first issue of a 3-part miniseries! It’s New Krypton’s worst nightmare as Brainiac attacks the planet, determined to recapture the city of Kandor! But General Zod has been waiting for this moment since Brainiac first attacked Old Krypton – he has a plan to save his people, but at the cost of Earth and the future as we know it! So it’s up to Superman, Supergirl, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes to stop the two madmen before they destroy everything!

Variant Cover by MARCOS MARZ

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  1. Why am I buying this book?  I don’t know.  I really liked the beginning of WONK, but it got so slow…  If this were WONK #13, I think I’d probably have dropped it, but like a sucker, I’m saying "well, I’ll give this one a shot" even though it’s just WONK with a different title.  Oh well.

  2. I think this is my stop.  Getting off the Superman train here (except for Secret Origins, which is awesome!).

  3. @mrlogical – you and I are in the same boat.  Do you have your lifejacket nearby should we have to abandon ship?

  4. Alternative title: First Stand of New Krypton.

    I am tentatively tiptoeing toward the big War of The Supermen event after WONK petered out a bit. I am tensed and ready to leap off if that is just a boring mess. Probably going to suffer through these three issues to get to it though, because I am a sucker and chump.

  5. Bollocks.  I’m sure this will be good and even though WONK got a little slow, I still really enjoyed it.

  6. Based on Robinson’s twitter … I can’t really tell if he’s being sarcastic about JMS taking over Superman:

  7. Hey everyone, should I read Superman #697 before I dive into this mini?

  8. that cover is hideous

  9. Yeah Andy K. phoned it in on this cover, 🙁

  10. Yeah, it looks like the Brainiac machine is cross-eyed.

  11. Funny, i haven’ read a single WONK issue, but I was thinking of picking this up … mmmm maybe not. 

  12. @Albert- You shouldn’t buy Superman #697 OR this. Save your money for something else.

    I’m a big Superman fan, so it would take a lot for me to skip this. But, $3.99 each for three more issues of WONK (which was pretty bad) by a writer who is not in good form right now (& that’s putting it nicely) is more than enough reasons for me to not read this.

  13. So…I was planning to jump into Superman with this mini.  All I have read so far is Secret Origin.  Should I wait ?  Maybe til War of the Supermen or the start off JMS’s run?

  14. @alan honestly?  Any of those are good jumping on points.  I wouldn’t miss War of Supermen though, so you may want to pick this up, lol.  This advice has officially become useless to you:)

  15. @WadeWilson- Thanks.  I just hope War of Supermen becomes one awesome event though. 

  16. What is the creative time on War of Superman?

    Sorry for being a little off topic, but it does relate. 

  17. I FEAR this is gonna be a boring waste of time and money, just like WONK.  BUT… I find it hard to say no to Legion of Super Heroes stuff.  What to do??

  18. I’m done with the Superman world until JMS comes in. There’s nothing the current creative teams can do to make me interested in this again.

  19. @drake which of the books did you collect? I’ve really enjoyed Supergirl.

  20. @vada  Thanks!  I really do want to read War of the Supermen so I guess I will go ahead a get this.

  21. call me when JMS starts

  22. Wait, he was wearing the costume under his uniform all this time?

  23. They quickly lost me with WONK and they may yet lose me with this series.  Having sadi that, I loved this issue!  Superman being Superman fighting Superman villains!

  24. @Vadamowens-I was only reading WONK at the very end. Dropped the rest about a month or two after WONK started.

  25. As someone new to the Superman books, I have heard people mention the numbered diamonds on the cover before. Does the 31 on this book mean it is part 31 of larger story? And if so where did it begin?

  26. @alanrob I’d be interested to find that out as well.  At the very beginning of New Krypton, the numbers progressed.  Then things went all weird, or maybe I just stopped paying attention…

  27. @AlanRob and Vadamowens: If memory serves me correctly, I believe that it started on Geoff Johns and Gary Franks run on Superman (Braniac First Contact). Then it kicked off in all the sups titles after that. Also, there are two parts to the numbering scheme, in that the current numbers refer to the chapter of a larger volume (currently the second volume). Sorry I can’t give you issues numbers but I’m stuck at work.

  28. Sorry, after re-reading my previous comment, I should be a clearer: The current number in the diamonds is part of volume 2 of ‘New Krypton’. It switched to volume two in the arc they called ‘World Against Supermen’.

  29. Thanks

  30. @dirtyharry2030  Thanks!

  31. Woohoo – this was great!  This looks like a job for… SUPERMAN!  yah!

  32. still haven’t read the issue. i get it. a big evil skull attacks some dudes with great abs. whatever

  33. got agree that the cover is terrible

  34. Cover was awful and I just don’t like Woods’ version of Superman. Heck I thought the art overall in this book was pretty mediocre.

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