• Superman’s closest allies take the stage like you have never seen before, from the Eisner Award-winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco (TINY TITANS)!

• Don’t miss the action-packed, history-making, super adventure awesomeness!!

• Classic Superman elements reinterpreted for all ages with the humor that only the creative team of TINY TITANS can bring!

By Art Baltazar & Franco

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  1. Awwwww YEAH!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

  2. I was hoping against hope that we’d see a relaunch of a Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane title with the new 52, but it never happened.

    This title, I’m hoping, will scratch that itch. And it’ll be a Superman book that I can enjoy with my son at the same time.

    Win win!!

    • The new 52 isn’t over yet man. If I were DC I wouldn’t launch a new Lois Lane/Jimmy Olsen book with the first or second wave because they’re ultimately background characters to Superman. But with almost a year of books for people to get to know the new characters we can hope that we’ll get a spin-off soon. I have faith that Lois Lane and Jimmy will star on their own again.

    • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen launched Darkseid and the Fourth World! 🙂

  3. I heard an interview with the guys and this book sounds amazing! I wish it was weekly

  4. Since iFanboy supports WordBalloon I’m going to break a rule of internet forums. I’m going to advertise something that isn’t on the website.

    The Aww Yeah Podcast is a “weekly” podcast with Artie Baltazar ( I call him artie because we’re good friends, wait because I want to be his good friend, thats it) Franco, and WordBalloon’s own John Suntries (Yoko Chips).

    it is well worth a listen. And you get some heads up on whats coming down the pipe for Superman Family Adventures.

  5. I just want to leave a tribute. Art Baltazar & Franco are great.

    you can see it at

  6. So much fun. The fact that my son was cackling with laughter while we read it just made it more special!

    Way to go Franco and Baltazar!!

  7. Soooooooooo

    Anyone notice the special characters.


    Art and Jon Siuntres were on page one with the crowd yelling about Superman.

    And I’m pretty sure the hot dog vendor was Franco.

    any one notice anyone else?

    I thought I might have seen Didio in the crowd too.

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