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From the hit comic series BATMAN BEYOND comes the adventures of The Man of Tomorrow in the DC Universe of the future.

As Superman feels his super-powers beginning to decline, The Last Son of Krypton is called back into action to stop a villain more powerful than any he’s faced before. This looks like a job for Superman Beyond!

Written by TOM DEFALCO
Variant cover by RON FRENZ and SAL BUSCEMA

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. hmmmm. I’m kind of interested.

  2. What happened to drawing the line at 2.99?

  3. This is issue #0 coming out in the last week of the old DCU. Having heard talk that there are still several #1s that we haven’t heard about and will be rolled out over the next several months, this leads me to believe there may be a series of Beyond titles in the works a la Marvel 2099.

  4. The creative team of DeFalco and Frenz worries me. They have cranked out a ton of dull, uninspired books throughout the years. But every once in a while they make something cool. I hope that’s what they pull off here.

  5. !

    I loved the “Beyond” stuff they did in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, and in Batman Beyond when he investigated the JLA and found that Super-Old Superman was being mindcontrolled by a mini-starro…totally classic. I’m a big (obviously) beyond fan, so I hope that this is the start of some really interesting future DC Universe stuff.

  6. I’m a sucker for a good #0. A good few of my favorite comics started that way back in the day.

  7. This comic book makes a important move on Superman’s story

  8. I really enjoyed this – even poignant at times. Amazing to see 75 yr old Buscema’s work.

  9. I really liked this as well. Had an old time-y innocent feel to it, pretty fun stuff. Buscema’s work was really nice to see.

    I wonder if this will lead to an ongoing?

  10. This comic felt like an afterthought. I like the cover, but the inside felt like reheated Batman Beyond leftovers. Ah well.

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