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Superman Batman #67

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  1. A book that’s not really in continuity has a Blackest Night tie-in ?? Huh? Way to keep it confusing, DC. 

  2. Yeah, is this the continuation of Kolins’ Grundy mini that wrapped up a few months ago? I really enjoyed that story.

  3. @jonnjonz: Yes. The last issue too.

  4. the Grundy art was so great!  the writing/story couldn’t have been worse

  5. @zachtruitt  the art was AWESOME!

  6. Bizarro was great, but the whole Man-Bat storyline was a weird distraction. It had no connection to Grundy/Bizarro/Frankenstein. If it had been all Bizarro taking on Grundy I would have loved it, but what I read was kind of all over the place mess.

  7. Not my favorite ending to this story but I did enjoy it 🙂

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