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  1. Is this book just completely out of continuity?


    Buying it strictly for DnA.

  2. I think Superman Batman is in continuity whenever it suits DC. It was where the first hints of Infinite Crisis were planted, but other than that it’s really just to be taken as pure fun I think.

    Plus it has DnA so it could take place whenever and wherever they want and I would still buy it. That reminds me I have got to get around to reading their Legion run.

  3. DnA’s Legion run was great. It is unfortunately not trade paperbacked except for (I think) one volume, "Foundations", which is from fairly late in their tenure.

  4. It’s officially out of continuity, but it draws on past continuity when it feels like it, and had it’s own continuity for a while. When Loeb started this series, he had a silly retcon where the Wayne family limo breaks down in Smallville when Clark and Bruce are kids.

     I’m off this until Michael Green comes back.

  5. @kthx

    How dare you sir! You will read DnA and you will like it!

    Seriously though, if you haven’t read any of their work before they are pretty good and if you have been reading it anyway you should give them a chance. They can do some kick-ass stuff.


    Yeah I got that trade and then it took me a couple of months and the last Wizard World Texas to pick up all the singles from Legion Lost to the end of their Legion run. I felt so accomplished…now I just have to read them lol.

  6. I think these stories are supposed to take place in the past, rather then current continuity.

  7. How can a comic have THREE writers??

    Read the first 50 issues of this series & dropped it, but anyway, I will be checking this out. Never read anything by Abnett & Lanning but heard nothing but good things.

  8. @WadeWilson

    I think it has three because DnA always work together and Johnson would be supervising (just a guess) so that it fits with his overall story.

  9. @Parker: You’re missing just a bit from DnA’s run. They actually began with "Legion of the Damned" which closed out the Legion’s two previous series LEGION OF SUPERHEROES vol 3 (I think) and LEGIONNAIRES. It’s the last couple of issues of both books and explains how the Legion got lost in the first place.

  10. @MikeFarley

    Damn and here I was thinking I was done. Oh well, now I have to find a decent convention in the Dallas area I guess. Thanks for the info!

  11. Great discussion!  Can someone summarize for me which DnA runs on DC comics have been collected?  I’ve been reading DnA on DC/Wildstorm’s "The Authority", and would like some more of their stuff, DC-wise.

    DC Collected Editions by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning–

    The Legion: Foundations


    Any others?  Thanks ya’ll!


  12. Majestic Vol. 1, 2, and 3 is out of print I think but still fairly cheap at amazon

    Just found this:

    Superman TPB (2000-2004) 6-1ST Superman TPB (2000-2004) #6-1ST
    DC: Feb 2004
    Original cover price: $17.95
    Number of pages: 208
    Volume 6 – 1st printing. "Return to Krypton!" Collects SUPERMAN #166-167 and 184, ACTION COMICS #776 and 793, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #589 and 606, and SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #111 and 128. Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Art by Karl Kerschl. Cover by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines. This collection features Superman and Lois Lane brought back through time and space to Krypton. What the Man of Steel discovers, though, are two different looks at his homeworld – only he’s not sure which one is real! Softcover, 208 pages, full color.

    And other than that (and foundations) DC seems to not like to put their stuff out in trades.

    Although, other than their Legion run and Ressurection man, almost everything else they did was one-shots. But if we could get Legion and Ressurection man in trades I would be one happy boy.

  13. Parker, Thanks for the info! You rock! 

    Yeah, I was at a bookshop tonight and found a bunch of Ressurection Man back issues in the $1 bin–I didn’t even know this book existed until today :-O  But, I picked up a few issues to give it a try.  Also picked up DnA’s trades of Majestic a couple months back and have really enjoyed them a lot too.

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