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  1. I’ve been enjoying this book, suprisingly.  I’m a bit weary of the extra buck, though.  I’m in Australia so an extra $1 translates to like $3 extra here.

  2. It’s double-sized.

  3. This will be the last issue this book remains on my pull list. Out of the 50 issues, there has been a lot of average issues (especially lately) and the next storyline after this looks … scary bad.

  4. Very nice.  Interesting intertwining of the origins.  The art on the last few pages was phenomenal.

  5. This story has some pretty huge & awesome implications for the origins of Batman & Superman. The only problem is that I have no idea if things written in the book are in regular continuity (what is, these days?) like the last story-arc, all the kryptonite on earth has been taken away, but I’m sure this won’t ever effect kryptonite being harder to come by in other titles.

    This was such as awesome story, and I think it’s great thier fathers met & are major reasons Batman & Superman became who they are … it just takes away from the impact of a story for me, if I don’t know if it basically an Elseworlds tale.

  6. Wade — You echoed my wonderings on this issue exactly.  Although it is a well-paced issue with some neat art (love the tip of the hat to movie Krypton!), and although I appreciate the emotional layers of it, I also wonder if they don’t somehow cheapen Thomas Wayne’s achivements and legacy… The story, if set in regular continuity, could have the effect of basically subjugating Batman to Superman.  Now, I prefer Supes to Bats generally, but we gotta have them basically as peers.  Oh, well.  It’s the first issue of this title I’ve ever read.  I’m willing to give it a few more tries.

    And, yes, I will be going back to read the Loeb/McGuiness stuff in the trades.  I hear that is really good.

  7. I enjoyed the story … as for it cheapening thomas wayne  .. i don’t agree … he still had the nouse to develop the alien technology to fit into our world and benefit gotham and mankind .. every genius needs a spark. 

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