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  1. Haven’t been following any of the current superman books except Adventure Comics #1 but loved Legion of 3 Worlds. Should I be able to enjoy this as a self contained story? Is there anything I need to know first?

  2. Probably so, I think it’s just a little more backgroudn on Mon-El/Krypton/Daxam.

  3. This looks good. Robinson has really turned Mon-El into a very interesting character.

  4. I am oddly excited for this.  Usually I couldn’t care less about an Annual…

  5. Dude on the top left’s nose looks funky…

  6. So… that was awesome.

  7. This was BRILLIANT.

    James Robinson must be sick of being referred to as the-starman-guy, but this reminded me so much of his Starman stories.

    Oh, so good. Mon-el is my favorite super-thing at DC right now. 

  8. Fantastic! No disrespect to James Robinson, because he’s a solid writer, but this was so good it shocked me. Such a huge story, spanning thousands of years in a single issue. I stand in amazement. This is why I read comics. Hats off to you, JR. Pick of the week. By miles.

  9. I’m halfway through this issue right now and I can’t understand what the hell this narrator, or crystal, is talking about.  I’m so dropping this title.  Who needs six fucking Superman books every month anyway?

  10. This really was fantastic! This is the best writing to come from Mr Robinson for a while. What a great issue and history lesson on Daxam and Mon-el. I would love to read a story set in space with Mon-el.


  11. Sold out near me.

    This is getting annoying.

  12. That was great.

  13. Ok, I loved it until the end.  My Superman knowledge is obviously somewhat weak.  What happened in the last couple of pages?  Was it a young Clark that was almost run over by the spaceship? 

  14. Crippler: yes–Lar then has amnesia (at least in Silver Age he did) and he and Clark assumed he was an older brother from Krypton. They named him Mon-El becasue he landed on a Monday.

  15. It is nice to get some history about Daxam.

  16. That was amazing….. Loved it.

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