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  1. This should’ve been out right before the start of the World Without Superman arc of Action Comics. For shame, DC, for shame.

  2. Is there no Hardcover edition?

  3. You know when this would’ve been helpful?

    About a year ago DC!!!!

  4. Why? What difference would it have made a year ago rather than now? How would reading these Silver Age stories that feature two characters not in the current books make any discernable difference?

  5. @conor: Maybe I would’ve cared more about the relevence of these characters if DC bothered to release this a year ago. Maybe I wouldn’t have dropped all the Superman books if I learned more about these two by reading comics involving them. Sure they aren’t exactly the same people in the costumes; but knowning more history about them would’ve helped.

    Not just randomly decide: "Hey Geoff Johns was doing so great with Action Comics. Let’s kick him out of the scene and throw in two random Silver Age characters!"

  6. @TNC: I don’t think this trade would have changed your opinion on anything. You were dead set against the new SUperman direction from the beginning. A collection of stories featuring unrelated Silver Age characters woudln’t have changed anything.

  7. @conor: I remember stating that if I knew more about these characters ahead of time I would’ve given it a chance. Instead DC just shoehorn them in and let the readers figure it out on their own. Again I know there is a website called wikipedia to tell me all of this. But I would’ve love to read an actual comic involving the characters.

  8. @TNC: Again, what characters? The ones in this book are not the one in the current series. They only share names, other than that there is no relation. The writers did a masterful job of introducing these new characters in the context of the story.

  9. I can’t FREAKING WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!   These tales are some of my all time FAVE childhood comic memories.  And really, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson are THE Superman Artists in my world.

  10. Just read the comments on this page…  Why would have DC released this BEFORE younger comic book readers knew who these characters (Or at least the names) were?  It makes MUCH more sense to release it now, since the names have become familliar with people who have little or no knowledge of comic history goodness.

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