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In the latest chapter of “Grounded,” the recently returned Bruce Wayne stops by Salt Lake City to pay a little visit to Superma – excuse us, Clark Kent!

Learn how a legendary friendship was born as Bruce and Clark revisit the previously untold tale of one of their earliest meetings in which the teenaged duo faced the menace of the immortal Vandal Savage!

Variant cover by ADAM HUGHES

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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. I wish I could say I’m not pulling this because its set in Utah, but I can’t. I CAN say that if it was still Straczynski writing I would not be.

  2. Take heart, Minion, as the last couple of issues have been decidely above average.  That’s not to say that this storyline cannot be wrapped up fast enough.

  3. This story starte good but now it’s like a sick dog that needs to be put down. I don’t know why but Roberson’s work on this is almost as painfully awful as Tony Daniel on Batman.

  4. It was better when it was worse. Now it’s just mediocre. Bring back the WTF of the first parts of the JMS story where it was ridiculously bad, but entertaining. I’m still picking it up though.

  5. ?? I will read it tomorrow and see what happens..


  6. Wow, this story continues to lurch on. Does Superman actually do anything issue to issue? Because from the solicits it just sounds like he’s chatting with his pals and observing societal woes.

  7. Once again the city on the cover does not make an appearance. Thankfully, I live in Ogden so I wasn’t too worried about that. I thought this was a very good issue. A nice one and done that showed us the characters in the past and how they developed into who they are as heroes.

  8. i actually really liked this issue a lot.. the banter between Batman and Supes was great. I don’t know why everyone is still bashing this. JMS started out strong then a couple issues in he tanked.. Roberson is doing a fine job pulling a flailing story out of the depths and making it interesting with great little concepts… I cannot wait to see what this man does with his own storylines..

  9. What was the point of that???

  10. this was a good issue


    I hope roberson Stays around.

  11. Yeah, I was pretty bored by it and a few pages in, skipped to the end. How many times are we going to get a different take on how these two first met?

  12. What’s the opposite of pick of the week? 

  13. Grounded does seem to be the superman version of the STTNG ep Family after the coolness of best of both worlds. Planet Krypton was cool but this…not so much.

  14. Foreman’s work in this looked a lot like Whilce Portacio stuff, wish he stuck to his own style which is good enuf.  Bruce using the Nepalese flying foxes was like c’mon, but I did like some of the dialogue in this.

  15. This storyline has lost its focus. I feel like Grounded has overstayed its welcome and the Superman title is floundering for relevance. Sad, because I really looked forward to the idea of Supes on a cross-country spirit walk…there are about a million really interesting things that could have been done with this story arc, but it ultimately fell flat. At this point, I’m just looking forward to Superman flying around and punching big ugly monsters and robots again. Bring on the big dumb stuff.

  16. @Anxy, amen.  Lets get this over with.

  17. I read this finally this weekend as well and I have to say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The point of these two meeting and how it keeps changing pisses me off something serious!!
    I will now give this book two more issues and I am putting it on my dead list as of today!!


  18. I thought this book was terrible. They didn’t let the art tell the story at all, they relied on corny writing. I’m so sick and tired of DC trying to mix origin stories. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne teaming up before they were heroes was even more ridiculous than Jor-El and Thomas Wayne meeting. They should call this series Buried instead of Grounded.

  19. Keep buyin it and then ask myself why. And I just can’t get over the bad art. The duo Foreman/Dell is a pain, I mean…. The anatomy is WRONG. What is the use of book? Trying horrible artists for the sake of?…
    Thinking of dropping it, but I like the work of Barrowes/Mayer. Why on earth they had to share pages with the other two, it’s a mystery…..

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