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Superman’s walk across the country ends up having unexpected – and dangerous – repercussions for Perry White and the staff of The Daily Planet. Can Superman help The Planet overcome its latest hurdle?

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Amilcar Pinna
Variant cover by SAMI BASRI

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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. Ugh another G. Wilow Wilson issue? The last fill in she did was AWFUL!

  2. Superman is posturing like an opera villain on this cover.

    I wonder if G. Willow Willson will turn out a better issue this time, now that she had a little more time to adjust to JMS’ near-neglect of this title.

    He can’t leave soon enough.

  3. Keep walking Superman, nothing to see here…

  4. hmmmmm…. haven’t been reading this, won’t start now judging by the fan response. I like the cover personally. 

  5. The only thing more uninspiring than the Grounded storyline has been the covers.  Kudos to the Superman editors for matching the tone of the story!

    In all honesty, however, I do pity Cassaday.  I mean there’s only so many ways you can draw Superman walking…and he has to do twelve of these.  I can’t wait until we get to the Superman stubs his toe cover. 

  6. PoTW…

    for dumbest cover evar?

  7. I’m dropping this. I have JMS a shot with this, and it just hasn’t grabbed me.

  8. Was enjoying this run, esp Barrow’s art, up until last issue, will have to flip this first, sounds like no love lost on this Wilson writer though. 

  9. Please fix Superman.I cant believe how awful this has been. Bring back Johns.

  10. Apart from fucking up Superman, Batman & JLA, DC Comics is doing a pretty good job.

    *forehead slap*

  11. You forgot WW too. At least GL and the Flash are worth reading…to me anyway.

  12. Um…Batman has been amazing, you can’t rightly expect even quality when there are so many Batbooks though…Batman Inc. and Detective Comics are insanely good and Batman and Robin has been incredible and will probably continue to be really good also. Plus how is DC messing up WW?? Other than JMS ditching the book I’ve been enjoying it very much.

  13. Chris Roberson on it after jms is done with this comically shit run does any one now what hes like i havn’t read his fabels stuff

  14. It wasn’t a bad issue–a solid story showcasing Perry White as a character, and the art wasn’t as bad as the last fill-in.

    @sunhero: I haven’t read anything of Roberson, but he recently gave an interview about it on CBR, and it actually sounds like he’s going to pump the thing with a lot more energy. I wasn’t really hating this story before, but now, I’m actually kinda more excited about it. 

  15. I liked this issue. Perry White has always been an under used character, he should be Superman’s Commissioner Gordon.

  16. @Crucio This was very much a Perry White=Commissioner Gordon issue.  The convo with Supes rang very similar to a much-discussed conversation Batman had with Gordon a few years ago, and while I’m sure some people will say it was TOO, to me it was just the perfect note to hit. I liked this issue a lot, but then I’ve enjoyed all but one of the issues of this run so far.

  17. DC Comics fucking up Batman? Whaaaat?

  18. Are we going to get an interlude every other issue?

  19. @TomO..LOL ..Yeah, I feel the same way. The covers have said it all. Bland.

  20. It wasn’t such a bad issue, I don’t like the ”Walking Superman” stuff but this was good. 

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