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Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Amilcar Pinna
Variant cover by SAMI BASRI

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

DC needs to abandon this storyline; it’s a sad thing to admit, and an unlikely thing to happen, but they just need to retract it and issue an apology to readers. It’s not even the delays, or JMS’ departure, or the fill-ins. It’s the fact that this book just keeps piling on insult after insult to Superman fans and turning this series into an empty shell. This interlude issue by G. Willow Wilson is better than the last fill-in, focusing on Perry White and an accusation of improper conduct between the Daily Planet and Superman; interesting, sure, but woefully boring once it gets going. That, and the artwork by Amilcar Pinna is so ugly it ruins every page of the book and makes the story the only thing holding the book together. It’s such a shame that Superman has fallen so far so quickly, but that’s more down to editorial allowing bad storytelling than anything else.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor

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