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The start of an insanely epic arc from the new writing team of Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens!

New love interests, new roommates, and a new foe: the wicked Helspont! What does this monster want with Superman, and how does it all connect to the Daemonites?

Written by Keith Giffen & Dan Jurgens
Art by Dan Jurgens & Jesús Merino
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover Color by Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’ve been much more interested in Clark Kent than in Superman. Looking forward to more on that front!

  2. I’m giving this new team a try, as I enjoy JLI a lot! If it stinks though, I’ll stick with Action Comics for superman fun…

  3. Yeah…a major Wildstorm character on the cover fighting Superman = instabuy for me.

  4. Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens!

    Somebody remind me to check this out from the public library this summer.

  5. Been waiting for this since issue #1!

  6. I really want to like a Superman book so I’ll give this a try.

    I tried the #1s of this and Action and neither worked for me,

  7. New team means a fresh start, something this book desperately needed. Perez was bloody awful so Superman can only go up now. I’ll give the new team a couple of issues but if I’m not loving it, I’m cutting my losses early before I waste more money (like I did on the last 6 issues!)

  8. Yes!! Sorry Perez you were just spinning your wheels on this title and left a bad taste in many readers mouths. Welcome Keith and Dan; I am back on board and unfortunatly it looks like they will have a very short leash from some of us readers here at IFanBoy. I think they will be fine and I like this Helspont sounds like a major baddy and thats what our Superman needs!!


    • Yeah, i keep wanting superman to be good. I don’t want to buy something that features superman but is utter crap. That sends the wrong message that they could churn out half assed stories and we’ll just eat it up. Jesus, how hard is it to come up with good superman comics? Batman has had way too much of the spotlight. Damn straight superman needs a new badass villain to fight.

  9. Catching my second wind here and I’m going to give this title another go.

  10. I have to agree with most…this book has been pretty bad, action is ok, I don’t mind Morrison but I want to read the REAL superman stories…I’ll jump on for a few with this new team and hope something good happens, this cover is pretty damn sweet though, I like the thought of this battle.

  11. oh its the new team…i’ll give it a shot. Really hoping to get a fun Superman title back in my pull list…

  12. To echo some of your sentiments: I am happy there is a new creative team on board. The first arc wasn’t awful in my opinion, just wasn’t working for me.

  13. here’s hoping this is great.
    Jurgens’ art seems super dated, though.

    high hopes.

    • Dated? Really?
      Whom would you prefer on this book? Where do you want this book to go?

    • Reis killed the cover man. he’d be great here.
      or Kenneth Rocafort. His run on Action was gorgeous, even if the story wasn’t.

      or Noto. he isn’t on anything currently, is he?

      i can go for hours, man.

      and i kinda want to stop seeing mind controlled superman.
      last arc with those little bugs, and now with Helspont’s power (look at cover & solict for next month).

    • although yes, Reis & Rocafort are currently on other books.

      but damn if Noto can’t draw a beautiful Lois Lane.

    • @ thehangman..I was thinking the same after reading the solicits, another mind control/mind story again that’s 3 in a row counting Grounded.

  14. Needed the change….I hope this is good.

  15. With both Giffen and Jurgens involved I’m hoping for great things. It can’t be any worse than Perez’s run.

  16. Bringing in a Wildstorm villain for Superman to fight really tells me the well is dry and they are really reaching here. I didn’t mind the first arc at all, so I’m sticking with this for now.

  17. I hopped on for helspont. Hopping off for crappy writing and stiff art if next issue isn’t better.

  18. When are we going to get to meet and hang out with the new Clark Kent for a bit? Supes is going to my month later pull list till I start seeing some positive comments in here.

  19. This was one of the most enjoyable Superman issues in a long time! It was twice as good as any of the previous 6 issues. I wasn’t crazy about the art but the writing was good, and quite witty at times. I liked it and this is the sort of direction I want to see Superman going in. Some quality for the Man of Steel, FINALLY!

  20. I have to say this was the best Superman issue of this reboot!! I loved the artwork and the story line has got me ready for more. Keith and Dan; great job and thanks for making Supes enjoyable. Anyone wondering if it is safe to get back on board for Superman? The answer is; jump on board with this issue and I think you will be very happy with the new crew running the ship now.


  21. Wow, an enjoyable Superman comic book.

    Normally, this wouldn’t be cause for celebration, but after Perez’ word marathon, Straczynski’s walking marathon, and Robinson’s no-Superman marathon…it’s good to get back to it in the titular title.

  22. Great issue and nice to see a New Genesis and Apokolips reference slipped in.

  23. I enjoyed this issue as well……much better than previous issues……..but being a little picky I did not like when Helspont was monologuing at the end…it was a little much. Overall story and art much better. Superman is my favorite character so this makes me happy. Nice job Jurgens and Giffen!

    • Oh and Ivan Reis is like a modern day Neal Adams with these covers. He can do as many covers for DC as he can… them!

  24. VERY surprised how good this was!

    Hope next issue (and those after) are as good or even better!

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