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“Brainiac and The Legion of Super-Heroes” Part 3! Superman is trapped on Brainiac’s ship while New Krypton burns! Mon-El will need to call upon all the skills he’s learned in the last year if he’s going to have a chance of freeing the Man of Steel! Plus, what secret about Brainiac will the duo learn that may help turn the tide?

Cover by JULI

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This has been my least favorite Superman title, but I am really enjoying this crossover.

  2. @BrianBaer – Yeah, I had promised myself I was dropping this one, but parts 1 & 2 were so much fun I’ve gotta keep going.

  3. Going to be dropping thisin the near future, but since it’s a Legion story I’m getting it.

  4. @Prax – You not sticking around for JMS?

  5. @gnanniv I might. But honestly I don’t like Kal-El that much… It’s a balancing act between "How much do I dislike this character, how much do I like the creator?" 

  6. I just finished All Star Supes, so I am in the mood to give the character (Kal-El) a decent shot to win me over. But WONK went out like a mewling kitten, so strike one.

  7. Fun crossover so far, Supergirl was great, hope this is too.

  8. This has been building for a long time.  I’m enjoying the payoff. 

  9. Fantastic.  Loved the page of Mon-El holding the bottle city.  Enjoying the build up to Mon-El being the ‘seeder’.  Then again, there is that Adventure Comics cover floating out there.

  10. The story has been everything I need to keep me enthralled.  The art I am not liking for a Superman title though.  Needs cleaner lines and a more finished look.

  11. The page with Mon El holding the bottle…was that Pina or Chang?  I absolutly loved that page.

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