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  1. I hope this issue has a better explanation for Mon-El’s change of costume than the one given in ACTION COMICS "Oh hey, we changed our costumes! Yay for us!"

  2. that’s a awkward cover

  3. @Prax: What other explanation is needed?

  4. @conor I’m not asking for a long, drawn out sequence. Just some sort of "We need to make it clear we’re Super-Fans now." But I was really annoyed that ACTION COMICS just jumped from the "Hunt from Reactron" story to "Everything’s hunky-dory, we’ve got new costumes and we’re back to our old premise." It reeked of "I was told to replace the costumes and don’t understand why." on the writer’s part. 

  5. @Prax: I didn’t see it that way at all. Sometimes a costume change is just a costume change, especially when you are dealing with new characters whose looks are not exactly iconic.

  6. Sorry to say; but that is an ugly costume and cover.

  7. @Conor It doesn’t actually bother me either way, but the costume change just seems rather capricious. Especially considering they made a big deal out of the costume change having significance to the ongoing narrative (One interview suggested there’d even be one main reason all three of them changed their costumes). I wasn’t expecting a whole 22-pages of "costume making." I’ll concede I’m the only one (apparently) bothered by it. Alas.

  8. Aw man, is there anyone out there who actually likes this cover? I think it’s great! Really leaps out at me; I actually may end up picking this up!

  9. I like it.

  10. I like it as well.

  11. I like the cover. I think CAFU’s been knocking the covers of Superman out of the park (as well as the Capt. Atom back up in Action Comics)

  12. Yeah! 😀

    Has CAFU done a lot of work outside of just covers? I looked him up on wiki and I got the famous Brazilian soccer player lol

  13. Mon-El looks cool I am jumping on with this issue to get to know him pre new JLA.

    Plus Superboy and Kyrpto are on #4’s cover!

  14. I haven’t been too crazy abou the last couple issues. Hopefully I can be turned around with this arc.

  15. This was actually terrific. Sweet cameo– can’t wait to hear the explanation for THAT character’s appearance.

  16. Yay! Exactly what I asked for. A solid 4/5 for me. Not much else I can say, it was a light issue but fun! And probably the best use of Matter Eater Lad ever!

  17. when the reveal is Matter Eater Lad, then the book is awesome. this book doesn’t seem to have the popularity of the other superman family titles, but i’m enjoying it just as much.

  18. @TehDave This man speaks the truth.

  19. It’s good, I’m on board to #700!

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