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  1. Finally starting my Starman Omnibus has made me more excited for a James Robinson fix.

  2. so not in the phantom zone anymore??

  3. Poor Parasites gonna suffocate if he doesn’t cut out an air hole in his mask.

  4. I wasn’t going to get this, New Krypton didn’t really do it for me, but the preview on Newsarama made it sound pretty damn good.  Robinson is staying on Superman right?  And its Action Comics that is going to follow Nightwing and Flamebird, but this title will still have Supes in it right?

  5. @Drake  No, Mon-el and Guardian take over this title for awhile.  Superman is going AWOL….

  6. @magnum That’s pretty disappointing. Johns had somso much momentum going for superman. He actually made him interesting. And now we’re ditching him? Feels like a lost oppurtunity. This is not what I was hoping for when I heard about the storylines Robinson and johns had planned for the next couple of years. The novelty of two superman books without superman is not nearly as interesting as the novelty of two superman books being really awesome. All my excitment is gone.

    I’m still going to keep reading this and action. I hope they manage to make something good out of this.


  7. @magnum240-ahh, thanks! 

    Yeah, thats disappointing.  So the only Superman book that we are going to get that actually has Superman is it is going to be the Origin mini?  That just doesn’t seem right.

  8. wait wait, so is superman even in this issue?

  9. @drakedangerz: Superman will be appearing in SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON written by Andrew Kriesberg and drawn by Pete Woods.

  10. @Kory-Ahh, now I remember that being mentioned before. 

    Damn, 12 issue series.  What else has Kriesberg done, and did anyone enjoy it?  

    @RoiVampire-The preview shows Supes in it.  Not sure how much he will be in the rest of the issue though

  11. @Drake Andrew Kreisberg wrote some batman confedential stuff and is the current guy on green arrow black canary. Never read him myself, but it looks like his books are all rated from about 3.4 to 3.9 on ifanboy.

  12. Eww, aside from the iFanboys, I have not heard anything good about Green Arrow Black Canary.  Not sure what to think about that just yet

  13. I thought Geoff Johns was moving from Action Comics over to Superman: New Krypton minis?  I hope Action doesn’t get ruined, it’s like the oldest comic there is.

  14. The most recent Previews has Johns and Woods writing issue #2 of the New Krypton mini. 

  15. I probably enjoyed this book more than anything else this week.  Pretty strong showing an a lot of plots to explore

  16. I was going to drop all the Superman books, but this made me want to stick around.

  17. Does anybody know what is up with the Superman shield containing number 12 on the front of the book?  I thought that the last book in the storyline was Action 873 — that issue was labeled as number 10 in the crossover.  So, what is book 11?

  18. I would guess Supergirl, but I don’t remember the shield on it.

  19. @enfuego perhaps supergirl? it didn’t have the shield, but that would be my guess.

    @roadcrew Robisnon and Rucka are the writers for issue two of world of New Krypton. I guess this isn’t a straight up, one writer mini-series. Which does make me more interested in it.

    Anyway, I thought this was a fairly good issue. I don’t dig Moreno’s superman very much, and I think he draws crystals pretty ugly, but I really liked his parasite, mon-el, and zod. And also, just wanted to add that I think mon-el is a totally awesome character.

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