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  1. I hope this issue give the New Krypton storyline a swift kick in the ass.  The story needs it badly.  Go James Robinson GO!!

  2. I know this is going to sound super-geeky, but I can’t wait to get all my copies when this is finished and line them up to form the extra-wide cover image.  


  3. I’ve been pretty satisfied with New Krypton so far. The fact that they’ve had three books (with multiple specials) feel so cohesive is a feat unto itself. But yeah, I have a feeling things are about to kick into high gear. We’re halfway through the crossover, after all.

  4. I really, really hope the EVENT starts this week and that Robinson can do something to make me feel like he is the great writer so many on the site consider him to be.

  5. I think Robinson will deliver this week. 

  6. @stuclach – The event actually started six weeks ago.  It’s been quite exciting.

  7. @conor agreed sir, i don’t know what people thought was gonna happen, kryptonians loose on earth, check it out

  8. @Garret- Yes it sounds incredibly geeky, yet I’m going to do the same.

  9. @conor – I know that the storyline started six weeks ago, but it has felt very Secret Invasion-esk in its build up (in my opinion).   We spent two of the last three issues getting The Guardian’s backstory and Supergirl’s backstory.  The Kryptonians arrived six weeks ago, but I don’t feel like much has happened since they showed up.  Yes, they stomped Doomsday, but that seemed almost like an afterthought. 

    I am glad you are enjoying this.  I want to like it, I want to get into Robinson’s writing, I want to be really excited that Krypto exists, but I am just not getting the vibe from the storyline that I had hoped for (Like I got from Sinestro Corp, The Brainiac arc, RIP, or Final Crisis).

    I am hoping that the Kryptonian/Earthling clash heats up in this issue and that the tension that I had hoped to feel from issue one really shines through.

    I am not attempting to parrot complains like we have seen a few times over the last few weeks, I am simply replying to Conor’s comment.  I don’t plan on repeating any of this in this thread and will keep my mouth shut unless I have something new to say.

  10. Whos the tailor for Kandor?  I mean, every single person has such a crazy ass outfit that is totally different from anyone elses.  Does that have to do with the different sections in the city that were talked about in the New Krypton Special?

  11. @stuclach: What you said basically, wont add too it. I’ve dropped this and I’ll wait for the trade on it. It’s been a waste of a first half of the event in my eyes.

    @drake: Why they get their costumes tailored at ‘Big & Tall & Kryptonian’ of course. 🙂

  12. Anyone who reads my posts knows my feelings on New Krypton (it’s OK, but a lot of filler so far) & Robinson’s run so far on Superman (he has a VERY corny view of Superman & "family") … but, I do wish Johns was writing this whole thing. 😛

  13. I second Wade on the Geoff Johns writing this.  I think that something more would have happened by now if he was the only one writing the arc.

  14. @jstump-Eh, I wouldn’t go so far as to say something "more" would have happened.  Same events would have happened, same pacing and structure; just that each chapter would have Johns’ style all over it.

  15. You guys all know that Johns and Robinson have co-plotted this story, right?  This is all Johns as much as Robinson and Gates.

  16. @conor: Which is why I feel it’s as disappointing as it’s been.

  17. I honestly don’t understand the "nothing’s happening" argument.  The story has progressed with each subsequent issue.


    Let’s review…

    1.  New Krypton Special: Established the Kryptonians now living on Earth and introduced the team up of Lex Luthor and General Lane

    2.  Superman #681: Showed the people of Earth as well as other DCU heroes having growing uneasiness with the Kryptonians.  Introduced what could be major players in the story in Thara Ak-Kar and Agent Liberty (I think that was his name) as well as the appearance of Doomsday.

    3.  Guardian Special: Introduced us to a character that will likely play a pivotal role in the story.

    4.  Action Comics #871: Showed some Kryptonians starting to question Superman and his methods.  And during the Doomsday fight highlighted the differences between Superman and the Kryptonians.  Also introduced Nightwing and Flamebird who, if I was a betting man, will also play a part in the story.

    5.  Supergirl #35: Set up a conflict between Kara and her parents, as well as having her regain her memories.  And alas, another characted was introduced that will play a role in the story in the character of Superwoman (I think that is her name).

    And part 6 comes out this week, and judging by what has come out previously I’m betting the story will progress a little more as well as developing characters that will play essential roles in the story.

  18. @Kory: You could also make the arguement:

    3) Guardian Special (Might play a part in the overall story, but how much actual plot progession happen in it?)

    4) Action Comics (Just a glorifed fight scene issue; with little plot development with Luthor/Lane and a very confusing introduction to Golden Age characters.)

    5) Supergirl (Just the millionth retelling of Kara’s origin. It wasnt a bad issue, but again….how much plot really developed within the issue with NK overall?)

    The first two issues with NK Special and Superman are fine with me cause they advanced the plot….Even though Superman was very boring in my eyes….Anyways, if you see it one way then another person can see it in another.

  19. Has anyone ever watched a movie before, or read a book?  Most stories have a slow build towards a climax and then a resolution.  With each issue of New Krypton the pieces are being put in place and it keeps building towards a climax and ultimately a resolution.  I honestly cannot understand the "nothing is happening" gripe when if you look at the overall story a lot has happened.  Action sequences alone don’t make a good story.

  20. @Kory: Read Final Crisis and then read this New Krypton.

    Then tell me that stories have a slow build.

  21. Ummm…Final Crisis is setting up the story and building towards a climax, just like New Krypton, which is my point.  Maybe  "slow build" were a bad choice of words on my part.  My point is every story introduces characters, sets up conflict reaches a climax and then ends, which is exactly what New Krypton is doing.  It would be different if there had been five issues of characters still in the same place talking, but there haven’t, so to say "nothing has happened" is an unfair gripe. 

  22. @connor I know that Johns has been penning this script as well.  I think if there weren’t so many collaborators that everything would be running smoother.

  23. @Kory — I’m not saying nothing has happened, I’m just saying it’s slow & the Johns issues have been WAY stronger than the others. I’ll keep reading, though & I hope it turns out to be as awesome as I hoped when it started. With the idea of the plot & Johns involved I was hoping for Sinestro Corps War level of awesomeness, so maybe I’m a little hard on New Krypton (so far) because it’s not even close to that.

  24. Johns and Robinson have set up the major players in the story, now all that is needed is the spark that ignites the conflict.  It should be coming soon, have faith my friends. 

  25. No fantastic about this one but at least I know what the hell was going on here not like the final installment of another popular DC character’s epic story arc (Batman).  I don’t know what it is really.  New Krypton hasn’t been very exciting but it still managed to suck me back into reading Superman comics, which is something I haven’t done since a year after Death of Superman, Funeral For A Friend, Reign of the Supermen, etc.  I guess it is just because Batman is so damn boring and Vertigo hasn’t had much in the spectacular category lately.  JEEEZZ, what will happen next? I might end up reading Marvel Comics, OH GOD NO!!!!  NOT ME !!  PLEASE !!

  26. I loved this issue.  It really kicked into gear for me.  Those crazy ass Kryptonians, what WON’T they do????!?!  Loved the conflict with Supergirl’s family, excited to see where that is going.  Would have loved to see if any of the other Kryptonians disagreed with what they were doing.  Maybe we will see that next time.  The art was better this time around for me.  But I didn’t understand why Nightwing and Robin were in Arkham.  That was just odd.  Was it just to further show us how some of the superhero community were trying to stop the Kryptonians from doing what they were doing?  Either way, very very good issue

  27. I also enjoyed this issue.  This is the kind of tension I had hoped we would see earlier in the crossover (We are now 60% of the way through.  I had hoped to see this about a third of the way through.) 

    I enjoyed the inner monologue here.  It was well done (in my opinion).  I believe that is one of the things Robinson is known for (please correct me if I am wrong).  This is the first issue I have read where Robinson seemed to really dig in.  A solid mix of physical and emotional conflict.

  28. I didn’t understand with the monologues why Robinson used the "Atlas thinks" & "Jim Harper says to himself" in the caption boxes … anyone who reads comics knows those boxes are usually the characters thoughts, we don’t need it explained to us. Anyways … very picky, I know lol. I liked this issue though. Black Lightning beat down! Science Police killed! Plot development! Woo!

    PS – Where did it say Nightwing & Robin were at Arkham? All it says was: "Nightwing & Robin are — " Did I miss something?

    PPS – Toyman’s creepy grin towards the young Mon-El will give me nightmares tonight. *shudder* 

  29. @WadeWilson in the first panel at Arkham, Robin and Nightwing are lying unconscious at the bottom of the panel.

  30. This was a solid issue and I am enjoying this storyline i think they did well in showing the Kryptonians gathering up all these potential threats to Superman, my only question is why aren’t they after Luthor. I also like supergirl’s mom using the term collateral damage.

  31. I’ve been among the naysayers with this arc, but this issue was damn good, and probably my pick of the week. 

  32. President: "It’s a smart man who listens to his gut." For some reason that made me laugh out loud, not in a vindictive way either. I’ve never really cared about the Superman books before, as a LINE, but this has been pretty good. Today I’m thankful for not being one of the people who for whatever reason are upset because they’re somehow of the opinion that "nothing’s happened".

  33. Remeber that spark I mentioned earlier that would get things going.  Yeah, I think this issue brought it, murdered policemen will certainly ruffle a few feathers.

    That two page spread of Clark in the Daily Planet was fantastic.  I almost hummed the Superman theme in my head.  Yes I’m a fanboy, so what?

  34. @KZA – Saw it as soon as I made my post. My New Years Resolutions will be to try to take in what I read & to think before I press "submit" on iFanboy. 😛

    @kory – I loved that 2 page spread. That was AWESOME. I have that Superman theme song as a ringtone on my phone, so you are not the only geek around these parts. 😛 

  35. Definately a solid issue.  I am happy that superman titles are good comic books again.  One thing irritated me about robinson’s writing though and that was when he added lines like "atlas thought to himself"  it happened a couple times in the story, and felt awkward and is definately not needed in a comic book.  take that out!  other wise good book

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