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Recently, an onslaught of creatures has targeted Superman, nearly destroying Metropolis in the process. And now…Superman is helping them finish the job?!

Guest-starring Supergirl!

Variant cover by GEORGE PEREZ

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  1. Again I have been very disappointed with this title and I figured with Mr. Perez part of this it would have been better. I can not give this title any love or any more chances after this issue, so I wish it the best this month or I am out. The story line has been uneventful especially for a rebooted Superman title; no real big major villians to kick the series off and well I have no idea really what the heck is going on from issue to issue and sometimes panel to panel. It could be me and I could just be bored with this nail paced story line.


  2. Not just you buddy. I’m checking out also.

  3. Nicola Scott. W00t.

  4. Dan Jergens takes over next issue. Thats the “death of superman” Dan Jergens. I’m going to be sticking around for that for sure.
    I need it to be good because i can’t stand Morrison’s superman and perez’s has been just as bad.

    Kinda sad when supergirl is the best “super” title out there

    • Yeah, last two issues have seriously sucked on action. And I usually love everything Kubert.

      Morrison is the very definition of hit-or-miss.

    • as far as i’m concerned, morrison is batting a 1000 over on Action

    • I’ve been back into comics for a few years now and i just can’t find a Superman book that recaptures that same level of fun from when i was a kid….it always bums me out.

      @sitara—like many others, Morrison lost me on Action….i’m just not interested in what he’s doing with the character.

    • @wally
      that’s too bad. it’s a lot of fun for me and many others. you’ll probably never recapture childhood fun and wonder. it’s like wanting to feel the same high you experienced the first time you smoked a joint. you only catch the dragon the first time. after that, you’re left chasing it forever(if you continue to smoke that is). you can never go home again.
      have you considered back issue bin diving. there’s gotta be thousands of issues that would make you happy. a lot of them are even cheaper than what we pay for cover price these days.

    • yeah i don’t mean like i want that same 80s and 90s characterization…i dunno something is off. Y’know how Snyder is rocking it on Batman? He’s doing fresh new things but staying true to the character? I’m not getting that with any Superman titles since i’ve been back in. I know i’m just not a Morrison guy, so there is that, but his run seems to be split down the middle with loves/hates.

  5. Love the Supergirl title, kinda like this one and Action, but I should be liking them a lot more.

  6. Both this and Morrison’s Superman are mediocre at best.

    I miss Johns and Frank.

    Damn, was that a good run.
    Glad to see them together on Batman:Earth One & Curse of Shazam.

  7. Why does DC hate Superman?

    This title deserves the best writers/artist in the biz. Perez would be great on the art, but this book needs a shot in the arm. I like Giffen/Jurgens, but I’m not sure they will be the trick that turns this magic show around.

    Also, not loving Action either. I’ve tried, but its just too mystifying for its own sake.

  8. I can say that Superboy and Supergirl are the only Superman Family titles out there to read right now, in case any one is looking to jump on right now. Like it appears in an earlier comment thier will be a new writer in the next issue, try again then.


  9. New creative team next month?!

  10. They need to let take the rougher around the edges, more human/vulnerable and take no s#@t version from Action Comics, all good elements but still a boring run so far, combine those w the way he 1st appeared in the end of Justice League #1, ready to kick ass in his new duds and while I don’t think a good artist is the problem right now, they should take a chance w an edgy writer who also understands character development in a superhero w a secret identity.

    • bro, you’re the problem.

      you want edgy? read almost every other DC book.
      i want my big blue boyscout, zenith of existance, Christ-like Supeman.
      that’s who he is.
      it’s who he’s been for over 60 years. (yes i know he was a darker character in the beginning couple of years)

      that’s like saying “let’s have a brooding captain marvel. i mean shazam. yeah. make him PISSED OFF. yeah. EDGY.”

    • there’s no problem. just a difference of opinion.
      that’s a fine superman that both of you described. luckily, both exist, so who superman is remains subjective(not to mention all the supermen of the multiverse)
      i personally havent enjoyed this book and much prefer morrison’s Action.

  11. Shame that Nicola Scott is only doing these handful of issues of Superman. She’s one of my favorite artists, though I can’t justify picking up a book that I absolutely don’t enjoy just for the art. Really looking forward to her work on Earth-2.

  12. has anyone actually read this issue?

    cause this issue was bloody brilliant and it tied everything from the first 5 issues together nicely and even connects to Morrison’s action comics which i find to be great as well.

    loving both supes titles and looking forward to the new team with issue #7

  13. Another disappointing issue, the only saving grace being Scott’s fantastic artwork. I am so over Perez’s antiquated style of story telling. I don’t need everything spelled out for me by some news reporter, let the art tell some of the story for Christ’s sake. Dialogue was dry and even though the story was tied up in the end, was it interesting? No, not really, not for me. It’s sad, because I LOVE the character but writing like this will force me to cut this book sooner rather than later. Bring on that new creative team, Superman desperately needs a breath of fresh air.

  14. I’ve thought this title has been okay so far, this was by far the best issue for me, tied up the story nicely. Also nice to have a Supergirl cameo, I’ve been loving her book so far.

  15. So you basically didn’t have to read the first five issues of this storyline, as Perez essentially spends half of this issue explaining everything that happened in the first five. That was helpful, as I had no clue what the larger story was during the whole arc.

    Overall, this was a very disappointing opening arc. I had such high hopes, but they crashed and burned under the weight of 10,000 words (and that was just the first issue!). It wouldn’t have even been that bad if there would have been something in those first five issue for us to grab onto, but it wasn’t until halfway through the last issue that anything made sense.

    Here’s hoping that Giffen and Jurgens ignore these first six issues and start again.

    And to end on a positive note, it was only half as long as Grounded was so at least it had that going for it.

  16. Man I must be the only one whos enjoying it. Well I enjoy the art. I want to read a comic, not a book, too wordy! let the art fill in the rest.

    This is the best cover of any of the previous issues, Badass!

  17. Well this was a much improved issue artisticly and I think I finally get where we were headed with nanos. Gave this a 3, loved the fight scene with SG and I really was hoping that they would have delved into the SB issue a little bit more, oh well…. However; this was the best issue of this title, not saying it’s great just saying it was better than the first 5; bring on Brainiac already!!


  18. This was so boring. By the end I just skipped to the pages with Supergirl as they were the only things that were mildly interesting. Happy I dumped this puck from my monthly list.

  19. Easily the best issue of the arc, and the best DC comic I read this week. A very satisfying wrap-up to the arc.

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