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Variant cover by GEORGE PEREZ

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Okay, so it hasn’t been a perfect arc. But you know what? I’ve enjoyed the ride, and this conclusion, while flawed, was still the kind of thing I was hoping for.

Supergirl’s on the scene, and she throws down with the faux Superman. This isn’t nearly as cool a battle as took up the majority of SUPERGIRL #3, but that’s to be expected: it’s much shorter, and the Superman imposter is kind of a one-note fighter in many ways. The only real problem with this fight is the running commentary from the news chopper – I realize what Perez is trying to do with it, but it just comes off as overwritten and cheesy.

It’s going to take more than sheer Kryptonian power to defeat this enemy, and (spoilers!) Superman rises to the occasion – and in general I do enjoy the ride.

I really like Nicola Scott’s art a lot. I especially like how she renders Supergirl, and I think she’d be awesome on that character’s own book if Mahmud Asrar departs.

There’s is a bit of a continuity quibble, though, because it turns out that this event happens, apparently, after SUPERGIRL #7 – the completion of the cliffhanger from last week’s issue #6. It doesn’t contain any major spoilers (unless you were under the impression that Supergirl might ultimately fail to save New York, which seems unlikely) but it’s still awkward. Likewise, it references a lot of things that presumably will occur in ACTION COMICS. I could imagine this being an editorial decision rather than an authorial one, and I can get over it, but it could be done better.

This seems like a lot of complaints for something I’m ultimately giving a very high score…but you know, as I was reading, I couldn’t shake the feeling that THIS is what I want from a superhero book – especially a SUPERMAN book. Maybe the execution could use some polish, but not every issue can be perfect. I just found this very satisfying.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Thanks for sharing. You made some good points.

  2. That is just about exactly the review I’d write for this issue. It was the best of the arc, and so far the best DC book I have read this week. Maybe even this month (so far).

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