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• The new H.I.V.E. makes its stunning first appearance in The New 52 by trying to take over Metropolis!

• More on Clark Kent’s life as a reporter away from The Daily Planet!

Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by Aaron Kuder, Tyler Kirkham, & Robson Rocha
Cover by Kenneth Rocafort

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. was going to pick this up next month as Orion on the cover but then read preview and saw that Orion was in this issue.

  2. I wish Rocafort was doing the art instead of a fill-in artist this month.

  3. From the solicits, it looks like Kuder is the new regular artist. He’s named the artist for issue 20 and 21. Looks like Rocafort is on another project.

  4. Is this a good jump on point? Should I even bother?

    • The Hel crossover just ended so pretty decent time to jump on. My advice is to flip through it in the store a bit and decide from there.

    • It’s actually a good jump “off” point for me.Couldn’t wait for the previous weak arc to end!

    • It seemed to be a pretty good jump-on point. I thought issue 13 would be, but then they quickly went to a crossover I skipped altogether.

      Two of the three artists on this were good, the other was okay. It has Orion, Hector Hammond, sexy Cat Grant, a pretty interesting mix.

    • I’m jumping back on with this issue after skipping the last 6 or 7 issues.

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