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• It’s a deathrap for Superman as he matches wits with his greatest enemy for the final time as The Man of Steel loses it!

Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover by Kenneth Rocafort
Variant Cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Shiny Superman

  2. I think I’ve decided to throw my money at this line wide crossover. Death of the Family is my first crossover in a while. So I hope to be wowed with this too!

  3. Excited for a shot in the arm for the Man of Steel. Rao knows he needs it.

  4. I’ll give this a shot too, hopefully I will be wowed.

  5. Hey, I loved the Zero issue! Keep it up best creative team in comics.

  6. Didn’t knock my socks off, but I’m in for an arc, at least.

  7. Superman spying on Lois’s text messages was just really weird………….. Why would Clark do that knowing she is dating someone and that more than likely she and Clark won’t get together. That being said, I totally understood what Clark felt after that disenchanted feeling.

    • I found this to be the most human thing he’s done so far in the relaunched books. He snooped! He’s jealous, and he doesn’t know why, he just is. Way to make him a person.

  8. Rocafort is exactly what this book needs but Lobdell’s writing still leaves a lot to be desired for me. It’s ok and certainly has it’s moments but every time I see thought bubbles I think, come on, there must be a better way to get those words in than old school thought bubbles. I reckon I’ll give it another issue or two but overall it’s enjoyable stuff so far.

    • The thought bubbles were actually one of the things I really liked about this issue, more because this was the first time I feel like I’ve gotten any insight into who Nu52 Superman is.

  9. I jumped off Superman but decided to try this issue – glad I did. I like the change in creative team. Story was OK but the art is good enough that I will buy #14.

  10. Henry Cavill !!!!!!!

  11. Boy was the art beautiful. The story was much better too. Lobdell gets what it takes to write a Superman you actually like and can relate to as a person, despite his incredible abilities. I’m in for the ride!

  12. not bad, not bad at all to my suprise

  13. Scott Lobdell seems to have found an appealing angle for Superman in the New 52. I like the Silver-Age take he gave to the character on this issue, and I hope it becomes a permanent thing. The shamelessly strong Superman is pretty awesome.

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