Part Three of “No Escape”!

• Superior Spider-Man teams up with the Lizard!

• Mayor Jameson demands that Spider-Man KILL the Spider-Slayer!

STORY BY Dan Slott, Christos Gage
ART BY Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, Terry Pallot
COLORS BY Antonio Fabela
LETTERS BY Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY Giuseppe Camuncoli, Edgar Delgado

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  1. Love this team-up! Superior Spider-man indeed.

  2. Yup. still hate this.

    When does the spidey 2099 stuff start?

    • Is it because it’s still not ‘Peter’ or something else irking you?

      Very entertained by this series so far… think 2099 appears in September?

    • He’s in issue #17, which is indeed coming out in September.

    • Ya, I hate to admit this is a good comic, but not having Peter is still irking the hell out of me.

      Dr. Spiderpuss just isn’t really cutting the mustard for me, the story is good but it’s starting to feel like this dead horse should stop being beaten already.

      Really hoping 2099 will bring back that spark thats missing for me.

    • Not to piss on your sadness RealVenom, but I hope Parker never comes back. It’s been so good with Dr. Ock at the helm, I would even say SUPERIOR in many ways. 🙂

    • I think the story is great too but Spider-Man talking like a super-villain will get old after a while. I just can’t stand what a jack ass he is sometimes even though I’m enjoying everything outside of that.

    • @frankt1978 You are the worst kind of person. Just kidding, but seriously, how can you say that about Peter?!

    • The thing that puts me off is that characters intelligence is depending on the needs of the plot.

      MJ say Peter drink, beat up two nobodies and shoot someone in the face, but the first time she thought something was weird was when he said “toddle-oo”. Carlie knows and has told no one?

      The Avengers decided to watch Spider-man after he shot someone, then called him in when he beat someone up. Wouldn’t it have made more sense the other way around,

      It’s more interesting, and less irritating when Ock is with his supporting cast, then at least Peter’s supporting cast don’t seem stupid. I am interested to see when Peter returns if he’ll accept his Doctorate, and how he’ll explain to Ock’s tutor her crush was not the true owner of the body she was kissing.

    • To be honest never really been a big fan of Peter Parker even as a kid. The main reason I ever read it was because next to Batman he has a great cast of villains that he interacts with. I know people are pissed about the current events but with over 50 yrs of comics staring PP their really isn’t any reason to loose your shit. Just enjoy the ride because we all know he will eventually return, but for me I hope it’s in the way way way distant future.

    • The only reason I got back into Spidey was because of this story line. I was getting the odd Amazing Spidey trade and they always failed to impress, but when I jumped back on with this series, I have been loving it ever since.

    • To be clear, I’m loving this book right now, but I do want Peter to come back in the relatively near future, probably end of the year or begining of the year next year. For now though I’m enjoying this and I’m looking forward to see what Slott has planned for all of this, especially with Spider-man 2099 coming soon!

  3. I still have last issue to read, but this is probably my favorite book out there right now.

  4. I’ve enjoyed this series more than I thought I would. I really do gotta say it…..Doc Ock has been a more efficient spider-man

  5. Love this series, really enjoying the change from Peter Parker to Doc Ock. Can’t wait to see the conclusion of this arc.

  6. This arc has been nothing short of fantastic! Slott ‘ll probably nail the ending to it too, great endings are really his best asset as writer. 🙂

  7. That was an amazing end to the Spider Slayer. Really loved this issue

  8. superior spider man is ruthless! im digging it but im not getting to comfortable cuz i know theyre gonna bring Peter back eventually

  9. This is the best Villain book since Ellis/Deodato Thunderbolts.

    • You nailed it. This is a villain book, I’m loving it, but I wish the same energy and writing had been done with PP. It’s an interesting take on an ideologue or monomaniac trying to be a hero.

      I’d like to see them bring PP back AND keep this incarnation around. Where is that wand of Watoomb lying around?

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