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The President has asked him to win the war in Afghanistan, the UN has asked him to feed the starving and the world needs saving 24/7. But Superior doesn’t even break a sweat. He can handle all this in stride until his past comes catching up with him and he finds out why a 12-year-old boy with special needs was given these powers in the first place.

This is a must-read issue where the mystery that has been plaguing fandom for the past twelve months is finally revealed in a shocking twist.

Story by Mark Millar
Art by Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Clayton Cowles

Price: $2.99
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brettthemonster10/08/11NoRead Review
jaybatzner10/06/11YesRead Review
xBigbyx10/05/11YesRead Review
JohnnyDestructo10/04/11YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I don’t even really remember what is going on in this book…

  2. Yeah, me neither. I remember liking the previous issues. But I don’t know if I want to get back into it. Begs the question of whether I want to reward horrible off-schedule work. I probably will because I’m a sucker. But I shouldn’t. On principle. I am a man of principles. Principles that I will happily ignore.

  3. YES! This was one of my top five series back when it was coming out! This is becoming my favorite Millar work yet, I love the heart this series has, and this propelled Leinil Yu into my top five artists. I can’t complain about them double shipping issues 5 & 6 this month to catch up a bit either.

  4. It will be interesting to finally sit down and read the last two years worth of a few of these mini-series, like this Kick Ass 2, etc. When these end, I’ll probably scale back some of these creator-owned series, in favor of seeking trades for other ones.

  5. This is a weird series for me in that every time an issue comes out, which I hear is not often, I tell myself that I’m not interested and am going to be done with this series. Then I get to the store, reluctantly get it, and then really enjoy it.

  6. I loved the first issues and i think it will rank in the top 3 of my favourite Millar books, but the long layoff turned me off. I’m still pulling it though, because it ends after #6 and the final issue is listed for october as well. Seems like Millar gets going since he doesn’t for Marvel anymore.

  7. I wonder how many people WON’T be buying this after the last issue of Kick-Ass 2. This one is definitely milder in the shock factor.

  8. I was wondering about this book the other week, I thought I missed something but now that itz here I am not excited but maybe after a re read of the other issues I will be, I remember Millar world being good, it’s just been a long time since I visited.

  9. This might be my favorite creator owned millar book yet

  10. 4/5. This was good but not as great as the last issue. In his review, JohnnyDestructo mentioned how the big reveal at the end of issue #4 sort of spoiled the reveal in this issue. And I agree to a degree that for us, the readers, the impact of the reveal is lessened. But it’s the reveal and impact on Simon that we’re experiencing here, and I thought it was handled well. Again, not as good as #4 – this was sort of a bridge issue to get us to the last act – but still a good book and a great series. I can’t wait to see how it winds up!

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