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The runaway hit super hero series continues! Secrets are revealed, as young Simon Pooni begins to come to terms with what it means to be Superior–and with what fate has in store for him! Don’t miss this thrilling series in the growing Millarworld empire!

Story by Mark Millar
Art and Cover by Lenil Francis Yu

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. wow…..Millar coming through again

  2. I just read the first issue of this… It’s ok. However, it’s a really terrible portrayal of MS; a pretty blatant plot device. Progression that quick and aggressive in a young person is a bit ridiculous tbh.

  3. @MacAoidh  Not arguing, but not really pertinent to the story is it?

  4. @Hellblazer – Lenil Yu is pencilling.  How do people not get that it’s almost always the penciller that determines the shipping schedule?  Yu is one of the fastest & best pencillers working.

    JRJR had to draw twice as many Marvel comics as Kick-Ass, which is why it took so long.

    McNiven takes his time, yet turns in top quality.

    Hitch took his time on Ultimates, yet produced a masterpiece of comics work.

    Yet people always look to the writer for the suppossed delays?  Only JMS in recent years has been late in scripting.  Most other writers scripts are far in advance of their publishing date.  It’s almost never Millar’s fault when scheduling is delayed.  Do people still not get this very simple concept?

  5. @KickAss  You really have no idea what you’re talking about. Delays happen for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s the writer, sometimes it’s the artist.

  6. @hellblazer101  I agree, Millar is really bringing it with this story.  I bought “Nemesis” and I liked how crazy it was (especially the rigged uterus…ridiculous), but this is something else.  For me, it harkens back to “1985”.  Really happy with what Millar has been creating lately.

  7. Mark did say for War Heroes that he is the reason for the delay.    Other then that , Superior is just outstanding…………and then there is the spacemonkey   HAHAHA

  8. McNiven turns in top quality?

  9. Millar world is cool as long as you dont get over hyped in what is what, wait what.

  10. I’m liking this series far more than Millar’s recent Nemesis. Yu has really amazed me with his work in this series too.

  11. I’m almost disturbed by how on-time this book is

  12. @NathanNicdao  lol, zing!

  13. I mean, Civil War, sure, but in Nemesis?!

  14. OH LAWD.  “Just say you love Satan”

  15. I had lost interest in this book until the last couple issues. It’s pulled me back in and now I can’t wait for the next one.

  16. Freaking amazing, this book is fantastic.

  17. Easily the best thing Millar’s written in years. It remind me of ‘Chosen’ more than anything. This is him actually using the comics medium to it’s fullest instead of writing a movie pitch. And for whatever reason Satan Space Monkey is brilliant

  18. Amazing issue!

  19. Love it.

  20. Is the next issue even scheduled yet?

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